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Best Text Based RPG I've Ever Played
Post by OrangeCandle on May 27th, 2009, 10:11pm

Look, flat out, there is no other text-based RPG like Gemstone 4. It is the single most profound, exciting, diverse, detailed text-based World you could ever find yourself experiencing.

I love it. I've played it since I was a teen. The game never dies. And it just keeps getting better and better. It used to be called Gemstone 3 back in the day. But it has since then been upgraded. Why not check it out? They give you the first month absolutely free of charge. After that it's only $14.95 a month. And trust me, it's worth it. Besides, even if you don't like it, after you've played it for the month, you can just cancel, and they won't charge you anything. So it's a win win situation.

PS - Make sure that you use the wizard program when you play. The newer ones are alright but they focus too much on the mouse. The key to this game is to be able to use the keyboard as much as possible. Because it's faster.

Here's the website:


Make sure you study before you play. I found out back in the day when I made sure I studied alot about the races, spell circles, action commands, etc., that it made it a heck of alot easier to play the game.
Re: Best Text Based RPG I've Ever Played
Post by OrangeCandle on May 27th, 2009, 10:12pm

Tell you what. Here's a little incentive for people who might need it. If you build up your character in the game, you can sell it for REAL money outside the game. I've seen level 100 characters go for as much as $1,000 US dollars. You can sell anything from weapons, to gold, to armor, to just about whatever the game has to offer for REAL cash in REAL life.

Here is the website that auctions off the characters and such:


Or...you can always take the lazy way out and instead of building up your own character you can purchase one from that site and equip him/her full of gear.
Re: Best Text Based RPG I've Ever Played
Post by OrangeCandle on May 27th, 2009, 10:58pm

I forgot to mention that there are virtually no hackers in this game. So it's hack-free. The same can not be said about games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, etc.

In this game, everyone is on a level playing field.


Re: Best Text Based RPG I've Ever Played
Post by OrangeCandle on May 27th, 2009, 11:01pm

Here's another tip that is really important for anyone who plays this game. If you choose to use the Wizard client (The one I highly recommend), or the JAVA client to play the game, and if you want to ask any questions to any other people playing it or if you just want to talk in general then you have to type ' before you say anything because it's the way to talk in the game. If you don't use the ' before you say something then the wizard client through which you are playing the game won't let you speak. So thats something I think is very important for anyone who first starts playing the game.

14.99 a month is peanuts folks. People spend more than that on 2 packs of cigarettes. And the first month is free.


And by the way, Even if you were homeless, didn't have a computer, and only had just enough money to pay for the game every month, don't worry, you can go to any University or Public Internet Access place and you can use the JAVA client to play the game from anywhere. I know that our Universities over here all have libraries where anyone can go and play Gemstone 4 for hours on end. Basicly until they close.

Don't have a credit card or debit card? No problem. These days, you can go to check cashing places and ask about pre-payed debit/credit cards that anyone can sign up for. I have one, and you qualify for it no matter what. And the best part is, you get to activate it instantly, and, the money is ready to go from the second you activate it. And usually the fee for putting money onto it is relatively little. $2.00 for mine.

Not comfortable with using a pre-payed debit/credit card online? Well Gemstone 4 accepts money orders. So no worries. It might take a little longer for the billing department to receive it, but hey, once they do, you're ready to play.

Also, It can run on almost any computer too. Any computer made from 1995 and up can run Gemstone 4 because it doesn't require a graphics card or anything too significant to play it. Hell, you could play it from an office computer at your work if you wanted to if you could get away with it, even a bare bones office computer with internet connection would allow you to play this game.
Re: Best Text Based RPG I've Ever Played
Post by Avery on Jan 14th, 2010, 9:31pm

I really dig this message board, there some great stuff on here. I only wish there was more current posts on here. I've been following this guy (Baxter King) for about a year now. He's doing some pretty cool stuff in the Paranormal Arena. Here's one of his videos on Ghosts, I think it's worth checking him out.