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Alien Contact and Dreams
Post by mwe1953 on Sep 25th, 2007, 1:23pm

Since I was a boy till the present age of 53 I've had three encounters with aliens,or what seems to be real anyway. At first it troubled me a great deal and I was afraid of them. as I've aged,I've become more excepting of them. Up until a year ago I would have a dream concerning contact ,viewing or or participated in some kind of program, once in a blue moon. Around the month of May i started to have a dream on a weekly bases and some of them were the same over and over again,where others were once. I have a feeling that something is going to happen real soon in my life and I say that because my wife is now having the dreams also. Some of which are in a location to where we are going to be moving to soon. I think that we will be some of the first contactee's to the next generation of the redevelopment of man. I only hope that this is not a dream for it is to strange that both my wife and I would have duel dreams. As time permits I will continue to offer this information up to the public.