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Flight Tracker site!
Post by coach on Jul 20th, 2006, 10:02pm

Hello Gang!

Here is a site that some may be interested in.


This may come in handy to cross check on any possible sightings that anyone may have had.
Usually military aircraft will not show up on this radar screen. This screen is updated every minute.

This is for tracking aircraft in the skies over the United States Territory.

When typing in an airport ID for viewing, You must always put the letter K in front of the airport ID.
For example, Milwaukee Gen. Mitchell Field code is KMKE.

The site is pretty much self explanitory.

Also, When viewing the screen you'll see aircraft with the info numbers below it like for example.

AAL262 B744
246 ^ 345


AAL = American Air Lines [some will be tail numbers]
262 = Flight number
B744 = Boeing 747 400 model
246 = 24,600' elevation
^ = climbing [ v decending / no arrow, level flight]
345 = Aircraft speed in knots (kts)

PS; Final note, Not all aircraft show up on the screen, If they don't have a transponder working on the aircraft, They won't show up.
This site will give some at least a chance to try to verify what they have pos. seen. At times I'll be looking up & see something in the air in the evening sky, I'd go in the house & watch this site to find out that it's a private cessna plane 5 mi. away at 5'000 alt.

Well,......Hope this helps, To those who try this out, Please let us know what you think of it in a post reply.
I'm sure we'd all like to know! wink



Re: Flight Tracker site!
Post by mothman1966 on Apr 2nd, 2007, 3:56pm

thanks this will help me alot smiley