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Anyone else having transformer blowouts?
Post by Whiskymouth on Oct 10th, 2005, 10:02pm

Exausted from my dreams last night. I sleep with my lights on by the way.
Just so everyone knows, to every thing there is a season. Its abduction season again. Letting you all know. I'm a little worked up about a series of transformers blowing up across the street from my house. Its gonna be getting rough now too. A lot of stuff has to be covered.
You want to know when to be scared? When you get the dream that you and a buddy of yours get taken for a special ride. You confirm what you see with each other and are frightened. Then comes the black-out. I believe my friend Tim started to look more and more like some kind of radio.
Just today a loud buzz, like a factory alarm going off, and then a giant flash of light. Then I look out the window, and guess what. Boooom! Sparks flying from the transformer across the street.
How did it happen? Was it just a bad transformer?
Sorry guys, I know better. Just about a decade and a half ago it happened too. In the same spot.
Do you have medical insurance everybody? Good luck. I have to get cracking on some of my novel downstairs. The things don't write themselves you know. I write non-fiction. Catch my drift?