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Post by chad on Sep 2nd, 2005, 10:27pm

So i've heard that there are pyrmaids located on the bottom of Green lake. I know there is Green Lake in Green county is this the same lake? I know that that lake is 80 ft deep ( one of the deepest inland freshwater lakes in the US ). Does anyone know anything about this? I
saw it on unsolved mysteries about 8 years ago
Post by coach on Sep 10th, 2005, 8:39pm

Don't know about the Green Lake having pyramids.
But I do know about the ones in Rock Lake near Lake Mills Wi.

When we use to water ski on Rock Lake I always noticed on the color depth finder kind of due west of the Sandy Beach & due north of the old C&NW train Trestle, (now a state bike path) That there was always an area that had several shallow areas all in the same spot.

It's been in the news many years ago, But they just can't seem to find them again, On the sonar/depth finder they showed up as going from deep water to what appears to be several mounds/hills that rise up sharply from the lake bed! I always had the depth finder on while out on the water to see what the whole lake looked like.