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Did anybody see this?
Post by adamski on Jun 2nd, 2005, 10:07pm

Tonight, Thursday, June 2nd, at around 7:00 PM, a cylindrical object approached from the east, presumably from over the lake. The breezes at the time I believe were from the NE, and very light. I viewed this from the parking lot of a restaurant on east Capitol Drive. It moved very slowly, and seemed to wobble as it did. Color was dark--black away from the sun, reflective toward the sun. It moved inland for a distance equal to the approximate position of the channel 6 tv tower, but consderably south of the tower. At that point it stopped and was stationary for maybe 5 minutes. It then seemed to gain altitude--straight up--and then head north to a position over the towers, again becoming stationary. It was at this time that a twin prop engined commuter came in on a NS approach. I could see then that the altitude of the object was greater than that of the commuter, and would guess it to be twice the height of the channel 6 tower, perhaps closer to 3000 feet. The commuter, upon reaching a position east of the object, banked to go west, giving the impression of a go-around for observational purposes. As I was attending the restaurant with an elderly friend, I ended my own observation, and headed inside for fear that he would miss me. Total time, 10- 15 minutes. I did not get a chance to see it leave. The unusal flight aspects were it's slow speed, it's wobble, it's stationary positioning, it's straight up vertical ascent, and it's 90 degree turn from East to go North. I witnessed no high speed flight. Any ideas or suggestions?