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Alien related merchandise
Post by researcher on May 12th, 2005, 11:54am

I am conducting a little research into novelty products, particularly related to the whole alien phenomenon. I would really appreciate some general thoughts and discussion on this. I would also be very grateful if you would answer a few simple questions

I am thinking about launching some products and services, which I feel would be of interest to those who believe, have experience or are simply curious about aliens, alien life and related phenomena. Some of these products may be perceived as having a certain ‘novelty’ appeal, hence my questions. It should be said that I am also part of my target market. I have tried my best not to offer leading questions but please don’t feel obliged to answer all questions if you don’t want to.

I am happy to offer attractive and exclusive discounts to those who take the time to help me.

1. Give some examples of what you perceive to be a ‘novelty’ item.

2. Give some examples of products that you would not necessarily consider to be ‘novelty’.

3. Would you say that ‘novelty’ products are generally cheap and tacky?

4. Have you ever purchased alien related novelties, memorabilia, merchandise or related curios?

5. If so, what did you buy, from where and approximately how much did you spend?

6. How often do you make these purchases?

7. Do you find it easy to locate sites selling these products?

8. Are there any products not currently available that you would put on your ‘wish list’?

9. What is your favourite alien related item?

10. What is your favourite alien related shop and why?

I would appreciate any responses that are e-mailed directly to me at aliennoveltyresearch@gmail.com Please include a valid e-mail address and contact name so that I can notify you of your reward when the site is launched.

Please also be assured that this information will only be stored until such time as we notify you of your discount details and will under no circumstances be passed to a third party. Your details will be deleted once the site launches or at your request. I detest spam as much as the next man, woman or alien.

Many thanks.