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Post by evilmonkey on Apr 3rd, 2005, 3:55pm

although this has ntohing to do about this thing i dont care... i make the pole to honor pope john paul II...the greatest man to walk the earth after jesus left.

any coments will be apreceated
Re: honoring
Post by Jane on Apr 8th, 2005, 3:27pm

I watched parts of John Paul's funeral on TV today and thought he had a great send off. It was nice to see that it brought people together.
Re: honoring
Post by audioslave on May 26th, 2005, 2:16pm

I must act contrite, IMO I would say that the Pope was a great man but I wouldn’t go as far as calling him the greatest man since the death and resurrection of the Christ. He was a humanitarian like so many others, Martin Lutheran King Jr., for his civil rights movements and Clara Barton for her part in the Civil War as well as founder of the American Red Cross or Mother Teresa for her work with 3rd world countries, her fight with poverty and starvation or Eleanor Rathbone for her women’s rights voice throughout Europe and the Middle East. All great humanitarians just like Pope John Paul II and yet I would never put them next to Christ and all that he did for humanity. Jesus was and still is the greatest man to ever walk the earth and with that said, there is no second or other.

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