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What the Bleep Do We Know
Post by jenny on Mar 19th, 2005, 12:47pm

This is kind of off topic, but I thought I'd bring it up. We bought "What the Bleep Do We Know" on DVD last week. It appeared in select theaters last fall and I'd heard great things about it on the net. So we watched it last night & it was awesome. It was just under 2 hours, but took us about 4 hours to watch it because they bring up so many fascinating questions that we kept pausing it to discuss things. Its a very hard movie to explain, its kind of a movie/documentary and the gist of it is on possibilities, and a lot of stuff on quantum phsyics. It was pretty deep. I imagine I'll watch it again to make sure I got it all. They do have a website about it that I'd highly recommend everyone to check out: http://www.whatthebleep.com/ and I'd love to talk to anyone who has seen it, especially about the water crystals. You can also view the trailers for the film at: http://www.whatthebleep.com/trailer/