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ABC News Prime Time Special on UFO's
Post by freeloader on Feb 13th, 2005, 09:53am

"Seeing is Believing" - On February 24th, Peter Jennings and ABC News will be bringing it's U.S. viewers a real treat in primetime. Peter Jennings will be reporting on the subject of UFO's. Something not attempted by the "Big 3" networks ever that I can remember.

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Re: ABC News Prime Time Special on UFO's
Post by JJRAKMAN on Feb 24th, 2005, 11:08pm

Watched this Show tonight. Found it somewhat disappointing.

It was moreless just a rehash of everything we've probably already seen on TLC, Discovery, and the History channel, only far less comprehensive.

I do agree with the skeptics that lights in the sky, and eyewitness accounts really don't amount to a hill of beans. Except in cases where there are a multitude of eyewitnesses, or in cases where the witness is an official of some sort.

I was dissapointed with the treatment Roswell recieved. Almost as though they decided what the final analysis should be before they researched it. What always intrigued me about Roswell was not the eyewitness accounts, the stories, or papertrails, but the 4 seperate official government press releases.

1) They recovered a crashed disc.
2) It really was a crashed weather balloon experiment.
3) It really was a super secret ballon called Mogul.
4) The "bodies" reported were from an experiment that took place in the 50's where they air dropped dummies. (nevermind Roswell took place in '47)

They kind of merged the 3rd and 4th releases, for convenience I suppose. It's hard for me to think that anyone can look at these 4 seperate releases, and not raise an eyebrow. But Roswell is alot like the JFK assasination in that, the honest to God real truth could come out, and no one will know it. Because it will just be one more conspiracy theory in a sea of conspiracy theories.

I wish John E. Mack was still alive when they spoke about abductions. They failed to mention him, when they spoke of hard Harvard psychologists looking into the matter.

All in all, nothing new, alot was left out, I've seen much better.

Michio Kaku was the only real bright light in the show. It's always a pleasure to hear him speak.

It always amazes me that scientists cling to the "God's Quarantine" scenario in terms of interstellar space travel. Essentially that distances are so vast that it just can not be done. This assumes, that mankind currently possesses the sum total of all potential knowledge of physics. I'm guessing we don't. It reminds me of the time, when the best minds of the world thought that the Earth couldn't possibly be round. Michio Kaku's open mindedness is refreshing.
Re: ABC News Prime Time Special on UFO's
Post by GhettoDragon on Feb 25th, 2005, 3:47pm

Yes, I definitely checked the 2 hour presentation out.But the part where they say,they recovered documents in the area 51 crash about the aliens objective was to recolonize the world which could be true with all the abductions going on.The aliens might just be making some type of hybrid alien human with DNA from humans and Aliens.Everything is like a puzzle and you add the pieces till you analyze and have all the answers.No doubt there is something strange going on.We the PEOPLE have the right to KNOW!!!!!!

It is a couple of incidents that bring me to this forum and it has gotten out of hand and I must share what I have to People of my interest.

The first incident goes back to when I was 5 or 6 years old.I was trying to go to sleep.i was living in the apartments on 3rd and martin luther king drive and Wright street in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.These was rough times for my mother GOD BLESS HER,But 1 night I remember laying in bed and I happen to throw the cover over my face because of all the noise that was coming from other apartments.It was like 30 minutes before I noticed i was getting sleepy and the sheet was still over my face and i could still move my eyes,but I could not move.I tried to listen I could hear little whispers as if whatever it was, WAS VERY PEACFUL.But I felt like I was in some type of operation and because of my six sense I tried to visualize outta my body what was going on.All I can say is that there might definitely be a chip in my right leg.Sometimes my right leg may lose feeling in it.That was the earliest experience I had.And till this day I can look outta my GRANDMOTHER's window on the next block and see strange objects flying right over above that apartment building.They are real visible during the Summer time when there are clear skies.

My second experience was with MIB's trying to dress up as an telephone man and pass my grandmother(which they did)and drilled a hole in my bookcase and planted a device in it which I found one night playing my keyboard.It looked like an Apollo Capsule but very,very small.I got rid of it for my own safety.I could still show you the hole where I found it and draw what it looked like.A little after that I was walking home and I turn the corner where I live.There right in front of my HOUSE was an -ALL BLACK FORD- THE SAME ONE IN THE MOVIE.I get close and I look at the tinted windows.It was like enough percent tint where I could see them.2 occupants sitting and they had shades on,they looked at me and I gave them a BLACKMAN's (WHAT THE HELL YOU LOOKING AT LOOK!!!!)Then I went into the house.But I think if my block wasnt so populated they would of approached me and ask me all kinds of questions.A couple of minutes went by,I look out the window and they were gone.Never seen them again.But do remember looking out the window 1 day and seeing a women in civillian clothes with a metal detecter looking for the object that i threw next door somewhere in the grass.So I caught them AGAIN!!! Believe me They are not the smartest people in the WORLD!!!!!LOL(O MY GOD)yOU EVER SEE DUMB AND DUMBER? shocked

Re: ABC News Prime Time Special on UFO's
Post by Captain on Mar 5th, 2005, 12:08pm

Has anyone read the new edition of UFO Magazine yet, where the editors offer evidence to combat the ABC show?