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What conditions abductors perhaps look for in us.
Post by Jopster on Jan 6th, 2004, 1:23pm

In the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism there have apparently been cases where a master is so well trained in meditation that they can do things such as materialize objects out of thin air, and also cases where their body has vanished into vapor, and taken off into the air. There are also noted cases where after the subject has announced that death is near to him, disciples, friends, and family gather round, and set up camp waiting for the subject to pass on into either what they refer to as Nirvana where they are now at harmony with the universe for the rest of eternity, or pari-Nirvana where they wait temporaraly until they are filtered through into thier next life. Anyways, there are cases where these subjects have been declared legaly dead, and three or so days later (long after breathing has subsided, and the heart has stopped pumping blood throughout the body) they are still found sitting comfortably in the yogi position, still meditating.
Lhasa, Tibet. Former home of The 14th Dalai Lama. If we search the web we will see an over-abundance of sightings in this area. Lhasa is perhaps a place yet as untouched by the grimy fingers of human technology, and weaponry. With such a remote location, and the perfect conditions for the development of the human brain it is almost suspicious that there be no connection made with these sightings, and such conditions.
We are being selected according to how easy we are to abduct without it being noticed, how developed, and in what way our brain is developed along with our body, according to how we react under the microscope so to speak, and in accordance with what ever missing universal link in the search for understanding we, or they have yet to meet.
I believe they seek answers to lifes mysteries.
Re: What conditions abductors perhaps look for in
Post by Noah on Jan 8th, 2004, 06:30am

Very interesting post. I've always been fascinated by the Buddhists & the whole meditation concept.

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Post by Jopster on Jan 8th, 2004, 8:26pm

The Mahayana tradition is universaly compatable. Any being that is interested should benefit from it. When the Mahayana Buddhist pray, or meditate, they pray in what they refer to as the ten directions of the universe. That means if there are intelligent beings out there who are visiting occasionaly, and the mahayanan buddhists are as powerful as they are recorded to be, then all the mantras they speak, and so forth would also engulf those beings health happiness etc.
I dont know how true the records of these vaporizations, and meditations long after the body is dead are, but I know they have some word of it in Thubton Chodron's "Buddhism for Begginers". The Dalai Lama has also allowed for scientists to hook them up to machines, and study them as they please. Pretty hip I think. Very open minded folks.