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Whitley Is A Slider
Post by antigray on Dec 7th, 2003, 08:34am

Hi Group,
Whitley Strieber was interviewed by Art Bell on his radio show a few nights ago. Whitley said that when he gets emotionally upset, his implant that is in his head behind his ear will get hot to the point of being painful and will cause street lights to go out as he drives or walks by them. If you are unfamiliar with this phenomena, it is quite common among abductees with alien implants in their bodies. These people are called "sliders." They cause "street light interference (SLI)." Their implants are putting out radio signals that are so strong that they will trigger the electric eyes on street lights at night, fooling the device into thinking it is daylight out and shutting off the light. These people also cause interference on electronic equipment. I've posted in detail about this before. Here is the post:
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From: antigray@cs.com
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 6:53 pm
Subject: Are You a SLIder?

Hi Group,
Are you a SLIder? SLI stands for Street Light Interference. It is caused by
Here is what I posted a while back about the phenomena at:
The syndrome most of the posters here talk about is shared by three abductees
I know personally and have written about in my book. What these three have
been experiencing is caused by radio frequency energy put out by the implants
that were put into them by the aliens when they were abducted. To prove that
this energy is coming from specific points in your body there is a cheap
implant detector that can pinpoint exactly where they are in your body. Get a
Sony Walkman or other small portable radio. Turn it on the AM band between
stations. Pass it over your arms, legs, and head mainly. When it gets near
the implants you will get a blast of static that will almost blow out the
speakers, even if the volume is turned down. I have personally done this test
on 2 of the abductees. I located one implant in one persons foot, and another
in the right sinus cavity in the skull of the other person. Some abductees
have as many as 6 implants in them. The aliens use the implants primarily to
monitor your physical condition and as a locator transponder so they know
where you are. There are 5 other things they use them for. It is sending
telemetry continuously so that they can monitor your physical health and
emotional state. If you would like to talk to one of the people I know who
has this same syndrome, contact Brynne at the Yahoo Mars South Pole Returns
Forum at:
She recently was asked to be a founder of the club. If you have any questions
ask me or her. You may be in for a shock. (No joke intended.) I respect this
forum staff's intent to study this from a scientific standpoint and kick
alien "theories" to the other site they listed, but the people I have met and
examined and interviewed are all long term multiple abductees. If it quacks
like a duck, it probably is a duck. An abductee I am in touch with in Arizona
has provided me with X-rays showing her implant in her jaw. It has been
malfunctioning and causing her all manner of problems. Soon she is scheduled
to have it surgically removed by Dr. Roger Leir in California. I would love
to report all the fun we have had experimenting with this particular implant
but it would take far too long. It takes up nearly an entire chapter in my
book. We were able to learn a lot about implants from the things we did. Some
of the information we developed is not in the mainstream of information about
implants. I have most of the information posted in forums we belong to but I
don't want to post other forum addresses here since a lot of places don't
like you doing that. They think you are trying to spam to get members
elsewhere, etc. If you want additional info Email me and I'll Email it back
to you. I hope this helps you all. Antigray antigray@cs.com
Cocoa, FL USA - Friday, February 02, 2001 at 08:26:29 (PST)
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Re: Whitley Is A Slider
Post by antigray on Dec 7th, 2003, 08:36am

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The following is from the other abductee I know:
On reading the posts in here, i see that part of my story has been noted by
Art Greenfield, "antigray"....he has included me in his book that is being
printed at this time.......i too am electrical....man is it intense....i
notice the streetlights too, but that may be coincidence...mainly I zap
people at work....more so when i am stressed....I was handing a salt shaker
to one of my coworkers last month and i zapped her with a charge that jumped
about 2 inches!!!!!!.....I sit on a chair with rubber wheels and arc with my
computer keyboard frequently... shorted one out last year..I have shorted out 2
electric blankets at home as well...i had a rewritable CD on the shelf above
my computer (in a locked box) which was erased (my head is near it when I
play at the computer)...
all this started about 10 years ago, after i moved into my house....it
appeared to be haunted, but soon was apparent that it was another life
form...yes i had many encounters...but the electrical phenomena began after I
was hit in the face by a ball of electricity from my computer monitor....no I
wasn't harmed, only my hand was numb where it exited my body.....just before
that event, i noted a small Light inside the floppy drive back in the left
appears that I have several "alien implants" in my face as well as other
points in my body....we have been doing some experiments,....very
fascinating....as for Dr. Roger Leir, we are in contact but he hasn't called
me to come down for removal yet....and yes, someday I have a book to be
written about all this............ thank you for the chance to speak......
Claypool, AZ USA - Sunday, February 25, 2001 at 10:10:41 (PST)

Also check out:


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Re: Whitley Is A Slider
Post by antigray on Dec 7th, 2003, 08:37am

<laughost Continued>
Do streetlights suddenly go out when you pass beneath
them? Do watches or credit cards stop working in
your possession? Perhaps you are a SLIder.

A reader writes:

Around five years ago, I have noticed that at times
while I am driving down the road at night a street light will go
out as I am passing below it. It happens frequently
and seems to be happening more.
It has been giving me the creeps. If it happened only
once or on very rare occasions, I don't think I would have
given it a thought. However, it happens about once or
twice a week. Could it be some electronic thing or could
it be something less explainable?

The phenomenon is known as street lamp interference,
or SLI, and it possibly is a psychic event that is just
beginning to be recognized and studied. Like most
phenomena of this type, the evidence is almost exclusively
anecdotal. I have received several stories like the
one above from readers.

Typically, a person who has this effect on
streetlights - also known as a SLIder - finds that the light switches
on or off when he or she walks or drives beneath it.
Obviously, this could happen occasionally by chance with
a faulty streetlight (you've probably noticed that
it's happened to you once in a while), but SLIders claim that it
happens to them on a regular basis. It doesn't happen
every time with every streetlight, but it occurs often
enough to make these people suspect that something
unusual is going on.

Very often, SLIders also report that they tend to
have an odd effect on other electronic devices. In letters I've
received, these people claim such effects as:

Appliances such as lamps and TVs go on and off
without being touched.
Light bulbs constantly blow when the SLIder tries to
turn them off or on.
Volume levels change on TVs, radios, and CD players.
Watches stop working.
Children's electronic toys start by themselves when
the SLIder is present.
Credit cards and other magnetically encoded cards are
damaged or erased when in their possession.
What's the Cause?
Any attempt to pinpoint a cause for SLI at this point
would be mere speculation without a thorough scientific
investigation. The problem with such investigations,
as with many forms of psychic phenomena, is that they
are very difficult to reproduce in a laboratory. They
seem to happen spontaneously without the deliberate
intention of the SLIder. In fact, the SLIder,
according to some informal tests, are usually unable to create the
effect on demand.

A reasonable speculation for the effect, if it is a
real one, might have something to do with the electronic
impulses of the brain. All of our thoughts and
movements are the result of electrical impulses that the brain
generates. At present it is known that these
measurable impulses only have an effect within an individual's
body, but is it possible that they could have an
effect outside the body - a kind of remote control?

Current Results

Ongoing research at the Princeton Engineering
Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab is suggesting that the
subconscious can indeed affect electronic devices.
Subjects are able to influence the random generations of a
computer far more than would occur merely by chance.
This research - and research being conducted at other
laboratories around the world - are beginning to
reveal, in scientific terms, the reality of such psychic
phenomena as ESP, telekinesis and soon, perhaps, SLI.

Although the SLI effect is not a conscious one, some
SLIders report that when it does occur, they often are in
an extreme emotional state. A state of anger or
stress is often cited as the "cause." SLIder Debbie Wolf, a
British barmaid, told CNN, "When it happens is when
I'm stressed about something. Not really maniacally
stressed, just when I'm really mulching something
over, really chewing something over in my head, and then it

Could it all be just coincidence, however? David
Barlow, a graduate student of physics and astrophysics,
suspects that the phenomenon might be attributed to
people seeing patterns in "random noise." "It is unlikely
that a light will turn itself on when you walk past
it," he says, "so it is a shock when it happens. If this should
happen a few times consecutively, then it appears
some mechanism is at work."
-------courtesy of http://www.worldofthestrange.com

I cover this topic and a lot more in my new book. It is available online through Booklocker.com at: http://www.booklocker.com/books/1417.html

If you have any questions please ask.
Re: Whitley Is A Slider
Post by grog on Dec 21st, 2003, 11:19am

And how would someone go about finding out if they have an implant?


Re: Whitley Is A Slider
Post by antigray on Dec 21st, 2003, 3:34pm

Dr. Roger Leir was on the Art Bell Show a few weeks ago. He is the doctor that has surgically removed 11 alien implants from abductees. He reported a few methods that he had used for locating implants in the abductee's bodies. If the implant is in transmitting mode, it can be located with a frequency counter. That is a device that detects the specific radio frequencies that a radio is transmitting on. Dr. Leir said that the implants transmit on different frequencies, and will also change frequencies while in operation. He said he was checking one implant in an abductee he was helping and his frequency counter registered that the implant was operating on a frequency of 92.6 megahertz FM. As he was checking it, the implant changed frequencies and jumped up to 102 megahertz. Dr. Leir said that some implants can be detected with an electronic stud finder or with a small hand compass. If the implant is in a silent mode, it could not be detected except by X-raying the abductee or by using an MRI machine to find it. Dr. Leir said that he had sent the 11 implants that he removed to various respected research labs to have them analyzed. He said that one of the implants had an iron casing, could be picked up by a magnet, but would not show up on an X-ray as an iron object normally would. He said that the scientists that examined that implant were unable to explain why and how that was possible. They theorized that the aliens were somehow able to use some advanced method of making the crystalline structure of the iron amorphous to the X-ray beams, so the X-rays would pass right through the structure as if it wasn't there. They were at a loss to explain how that was possible. Dr. Leir also reported that the testing labs said the implants used nanotechnology.
If you want to find out about why the aliens abduct and implant us check out the information about my new book at: