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A question
Post by killian on Nov 29th, 2003, 6:35pm

I'm wondering if there are some measurable qualities in the locations ufo's are spotted. For example, the fact that there seem to be more frequent sightings near air force bases. That would be considered a measureable quality. In my mind we have two EXTREMELY important issues to tackle. I'm sure we'd all agree that UFO's do exist. We should all know by now that this is no longer the question. The real question is who or what is flying these things around and what are their intentions. It's either the alien beings or the governement. If it's our government i'd say we have a big problem on our hands if its the aliens we could potentially have problems. But if it is alien and government collaboration we are really in trouble. Second, As citizans of this country and this planet we have civic duty to do what ever is in our power to expose this silent yet growing threat. Something very big is brewing and no one is talking about. This is a war. This is our time to fight. I'm am very happy to have contact with others who are starting to wake up to this. I hope that we can all work together to start tackling these big questions. But a good start would be the answering the question I asked first in this post. Any ideas.

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Re: A question
Post by Jopster on Dec 7th, 2003, 11:40pm

Hi there !
I feel pretty sure myself that these things are real. I'll bet they pass a lot of people by without them even noticing it too. As far as fighting for it to be revealed if there is any underground collaboration with government organizations which wish to keep this stuff under wraps I dont know "what" to believe.
I think that maybe we should just ask ourselves what we as a species would do if "we" were to build spacecrafts and discover a scrambled society full of all these disgruntled organisms with weapons of mass destruction, and even more full of close minded politicians, etc. We would probably study them very very carefully to make sure not to scare them too much, or to make them feel the need to take us out entirely.
I'm guessing if our government is keeping them all under wraps, then it is because we dont want too many folks flipping out like they did when War of the Worlds was broadcasted on live radio way back when. I think if people are going to flip out, and hurt somebody about this stuff, then it would probably be best to just "slowly" release information untill the general public is ready for it. Nothing too wrong with just breaking it softly and sweetly to these easily frightened folks that have a coniption fit when so much as an American President is caught having an affair. I would'nt tell these types even if a new mosquito was discovered.
However, for the folks that have seen these flyers, at least they have the luxury of the doubt.
Saw "my" one and only flyer up above a Caldors in Waterford, Ct. That was back when I was in about fourth or fifth grade. I was a graduating senior in 2001 so I think that means... about 94 when I saw the thing.
Im pretty convinced today that it could'nt have been anything "man-made" on account of the fact that I did'nt see it stocked full of canons, or machine guns, or rocket launchers, or anything like that. Those are items I beleive these things would be choc'full of were it to be of human origin. Just my guess.
Probably just an observatorium for the gray folk. At least thats what I am praying. Very badly want to meet these fellas, and let them get inside my head in return for answering some questions that "I" have. Like time traveling, applied fiber optics, D.N.A upgrading if it exists and why we would need it. Just weird crapola like that I've probably absorbed from watching scary movies all my life.
I'm in the fight right there with ya, but I'm just not too worked up about cover-ups and things of the sort. I pretty much just except that we have folks that want to be the center of the universe, and don't want to hear any different. Can't blame the poor guys. Not entirely thier own fault that they were raised entirely on the belief that a guy in a robe and a white beard is writing down in a giant journal every move they make from birth to death. Not that there is anything wrong with thinking like that, but its just gonna be hard for these people not to start thinking "Armageddons Here !!! Head for the hills" !!!!!!!!! when these Gray skinned folk step off the little hover-pads.
Even I'll be a little freaked !!! Not that I aint looking forward to that happening, but who knows how people will react ? You can be the Ambassador for the people if you aren't gonna flip your nut when they look at you with those giant oil black eyes of thiers.
Re: A question
Post by anarchybreed on Feb 9th, 2004, 8:18pm

I dont thing it is the goverment cuz all the ufos or orabs i have seen were chased by jets as soon as they caught up boom gone from the sky then the jets fly up and down the sky four hours. i think if we want to know where the ufos are we should be watching the military jets and when they leave and just there normal acts.