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Anything from e-mail lists, can be posted here
Post by JJRAKMAN on Oct 16th, 2003, 10:17am

Anything that you would think of to send out on those e-mail lists can be posted here as well. Go ahead and start your own thread.

The great thing about this format is, the discussions don't get deleted, you can find the discussions from a year ago, and breath new life into them.

And they don't clog up your e-mail account.

So go ahead and start talking, let's get this party started.
Extra Terresrial Ambitions
Post by Jopster on Nov 28th, 2003, 1:15pm

I strongly believe that we are among many less advanced species of beings which are on a list of some sort that these very mobile, and sneaky critters have been studying for some good long time perhaps.
Maybe they are searching for a geneaology of life's cycles, or perhaps looking for new medicine, or they are coming as tourists of some sort.
Movies will so often portray them as creatures of a very barbaric nature. Setting out to extinguish the human race so they can walk around without stepping on these nasty humans, or having one fall in thier soup. "Waiter ! What's this human doing in my soup ?"
I think we are perhaps of an extreme interest to them because we have a large capacity for abstract thought, and the application of experimental logic, and mathematics. It is no doubt that they have fallen across the ability to apply forms of physics we only dream about coming in contact with in our human lives.
Would it suprise any E.T. fanatics if such beings were to come only with the peaceful intentions of curiosity, and compassion ? There is not a doubt in my mind that life exists in other regions of the universe, and that many other life forms which are highly enlightened in the realms of science, and spirituality have come to us with the wish to study us.
Very likely if anyone has seen a craft, and it has been still long enough for them to scratch thier heads about it, and looked carefully at, and taken a picture of, etc., then they, or someone nearby, or some other living creature, plant, vehicle nearby was under scientific investigation, or maybe just being gawked at in astonishment as curious little grey men were looking out of thier portholes wishing they could just step out, and walk around for a while after such a long journey from light-years away.
I am looking for anyone who has investigated the possability of such things as this. I am just so curious as to the reason(s) for thier vists. For me it is no longer a question of whether or not they exist. Just a question of what they realy look like, and what simealarities their culture has with our own.