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Dr Jim Mortellaro on Jeff Rense Show on Mon. Oct 1
Post by Antigray on Oct 8th, 2003, 9:45pm

Hi Group,
My friend Dr. Jim Mortellaro will be on the Jeff Rense Show on Monday Oct. 13, 2003. It is on from 10 PM to 1 AM EST.
You can listen to it on the Internet at: http://www.soundwaves2000.com/rense/
Dr. Jim Mortellaro will be playing the tape of his hypnotic regression that was done earlier this year by Budd Hopkins. It is of Jim's abduction experience which occurred in March of 2002 and one in which he was injured severely.
>From Doctor Mortellaro:
"I had no recollection of where the hell the event took place. All I recalled was that it was a road, that I was forced to go someplace other than my intention (I was on my way to visit someone else at the hospital).
Through the regression, Budd walked me through the route. I was able to recall the street names, the turns, everything. I also remembered things which were screened out of my memory. This is a very good example of how good hypnosis works in the hands of an expert such as Budd Hopkins.
We will be discussing a good deal about that abduction and more. I suspect this will be more interesting than my first appearance in Rense, at a time when I had not been regressed to recall this particular event.
There will also be information on the Medical Study which I suspect will be rather extraordinary and unexpected."
Jim Mortellaro

Dr. Mortellaro is a long term abductee. The aliens seriously injured him during his last few abductions because his UFO research work was not to their liking.
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The intentions of the abductors.
Post by Jopster on Jan 6th, 2004, 12:54pm

It seems that there are some growing theories about the intentions of your friends abductors. Would you perhaps be willing to share any of your speculations ? Or his ? That is my main area of interest, and I just wonder if your friend is tagged, or monitored in any way by his abductors, and why they would dissaprove of his research.
the Jop