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Most Haunted (The travel channel)
Post by chad on Oct 29th, 2005, 8:50pm

I Guess everybody has seen the show Most Haunted. While flipping tHrew channels 2nite I came across Most Haunted LIVE. I started watching it and saw they had web cams and a forum. I started to look at the forums. I was reading about ppl watching the show and having weird things happening in ther house. Some of these ppl sounded very seriuos about the things that were happing to them. I was skeptical till something happen to me.

I was watching the show on DVR. Was watching it in maybe a 8 min. delay. I hit play on my DVR and about 30 seconds I heard a womens voice come over my TV and stereo speakers. Thinking the ppl on the show would react to the voice I was shocked to see that they didn't.

I have rewound the show 6-7 times and haven't heard the voice since. Very weird can anyone explain this. Is this subconcious or can Ghosts communicate w/ ghosts?