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were we seeded here?
Post by wolfmanrob on Jun 12th, 2005, 01:35am

If you look back in time the earth started as a big dust ball then came moisture things started to grow plants trees and the atmosphere now the earth can harbor life but did dinasour's pop out of the ground,I don't think so every living creature needs nurturing.by a mother and taken care of from danger,there are only a select few of life forms that have the natural instinct of survival only in the reptilian species.so were we put here by a race of supreme beings or did we evolve I can tell you one thing we did not pop out of the ground.we might have been brought here and evolved into what we are now human beings it's been years and years,we could not possibly remember how we got here whether it be from a starship or gods hand,but sertainly not popping out of the ground.we have to look at the scientific logic of how life began on earth. cheesy cheesy cheesy kiss
Re: were we seeded here?
Post by wolfmanrob on Aug 4th, 2005, 12:38am

think about it the dinasours got here somehow maybe they were suppose to be the creatures that roamed the earth.maybe they were the creatures of choice for this planet then along comes huge volcanoes/meteors that fill the sky with ash debris chockes most of earths life out kills most plant life out also.when the smoke clears oh!nuts aliens look at each other everything is dead what do we do know,we restock the earth with new creatures from variuos planets millions of years go by climate changes we learn to adapt we are among only a couple species that can learn to adapt to changes in climate,smart enough to stay alive! if one messes around with genetics long enough scientists could probably build any creature they want. what if aliens found an ape or a monkey and crossed it with thier kind which would most likely give you a stronger alien and a smarter ape walah!! us. which might explain why apes are still apes and monkeys are still monkeys this is just some food for thought but it kinda makes scents.