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Jan 23rd, 2018, 4:34pm

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« Thread started on: Dec 24th, 2004, 07:59am »

For the first thing, Technocracy is not a political system, but a system that is based on automatization and expertification of the decision sequences which is encompassing the subjects and fields of technology and economy. Meritocracy is a cornerstone of this system.

The theoretical foundation of Technocracy was arised in the beginning decades of the last century, in the United States during the Great Depression. About 20 of the most known names within the sphere of science and sociology North America developed the theoretical implications for a technocratic system during the years of 1920-1932.

The first principle is that the irrationality of monetary exchange unit systems (namely, the P$, Price System), has to be countered, and that artificial theories of labourßàvalue must be eliminated.

The second principle is that a consumerist system cannot function during circumstances when 98% of all work is carried out by machines.

Technocracy Incorporated ( was to be the leading organization which purpose was to spread the concept in the United States of the thirties. During it’s high peak, the Organization had approxemately 100.000 members, but later, it fell victim to the McCarthyist reaction (even if the technocrats lacked direct and indirect connections to the Soviet Union or any communist movement).

The Organization was lead by Howard Scott.

How should a technocratic system work then?

For the first should the Price System be abolished, and be replaced with an “Energy Credit”-system. The Energy Credit is an electronic distribution unit of which the value is determined by the resources which the system could distribute to it’s clients, and the costs is equivalent with the production costs – because profit is eliminated. The investments could instead be developed through the total independence and autarchy of the system, and in time, the system will be impossible to destroy.

The Energy Credit could never be bartered, loaned, speculated, inflated, stolen or be misused for corrupt purposes, because it’s value and areas of legitimacy is fixated. All inhabitants within the borders of the Technate are given a standard income of energy credits, free residence of living, free means of communication, free clothes, free food, free healthcare, free education, and free recreation.

It will be no taxes in the Technate, because the system itself is the main distributor of the resources at the beginning.

The work time is 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, but it will in each case be a hard task to give everyone a job, but that is not a problem, because everyone will prosper and survive, work or no work. “Machines work, humans play”, as one of the mottos sound.

If you want to know more, take a look on this community.

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