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Mar 18th, 2018, 11:11pm

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xx Its A Lonely Dark Universe Sometimes.
« Thread started on: Aug 24th, 2004, 8:46pm »

Cant say that I am to amazed with most people's sightings. It's harsh, I know... but its the truth. I don't often like to shoot my mouth off about it anymore, but I believe that there are amazing hovering objects sometimes the size of large boats which hover over where people can sometimes spot them, and then talk about them later on to people who most of the time don't believe you, or pretend to have seen one themselves, or "have" seen one and I might just not believe it. But honestly, I just don't give a rats behind anymore about what people think of this experience insofar as to whether it realy took place, or I had been somehow imagining it all this time with my overactive imagination.
It was huge. About 9oclock in the P.M. Waterford Connecticutt if I am right, but the border of Waterford and New London are such a close shot that it makes little difference where I was standing.
First I was sitting actually. In my mothers old black Geo Storm, and I had been interested in Aliens, and monsters, and U.F.O sightings from day one. So by this time you can only imagine the fairy tales I had already come up with as a fifth grader. Such is my curse I suppose.
My mother and sister are shopping in Caldors, and Lord mercy what did I see out there in that Parking lot in front of a Caldors, with several other occasional folks jabbering off about it non-shelantly as they walked to the Caldors entrance.
Like someone finding out that Elvis was alive and well, and selling Real Estate over somewhere in Massuchussetts, married with children, and then they just shrug it off and say, "Huh... figures".
Well here I am in my Moms Geo, and I get out because this object at least 100 foot wide in all directions other than its girth, comes floating by like a dang helium balloon.
Excited, I yell over to a man across from me walking in the direction of the Caldors entrance.
"Do you see that ?" I ask him.
No reply from him. He just looks up at it as it had slowed to nearly a hault at this time. Then he walked into Caldors as if he had seen a Flying elephant, and just could'nt allow himself to believe it.
I may also be off at guesstimating the size of this thing, because when I try to recall a definite description, my only human and quite frightened brain can do nothing but slightly muffle such memories to protect the nervous system from collapse I suppose. And it shifts shapes in my head a bit. And the size slightly. But not the lights.
The lights were about as bright if not slightly duller than a streetlight. Not a yellowish streetlight, but the whiter colored types.
I think there were a few of these lights on the bottom which covered a good amount of surface area on the thing.
When my mother came out of Caldors I was already at the entrance to greet her, and I pointed the thing out to her while she came out with her shopping cart. There was a bug shaped like a man next to us at this point. There was some kind of injustice of time at this point. Memory is shady.
The object was headed toward I-95 now, and my mother, to humor my childish interest, agreed to try and see what it was. All she remembers of it now is that it had lights like an airplane, and was not flying like an airplain would fly. Then she usually adds that it was over the trees.
I can remember exactly how slow it traveled East, over the interstate, and through the woods, and by God, it must have somehow known we were following as best we could because it was trying to get away, but... and I get chills at the thought now. I belive it may have been attempting to lure me. To lure my Family into those woods, and I think my mothers natural instints may have very well flared at that point.
She must have sensed the luring somehow. More thoughts confirm this for me.
As soon as I thought the chase was on, my mother gave up. We headed home, and the memory became extremely fuzzy for all of us untill just recently.
I contacted MUFO network of CT for help. But they must recieve a hundred calls a day. Plus, it had been nearly six years afterward when I finally got a hold of them.
Its a lonely dark universe sometimes.
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