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xx Concern for Planet Earth/No Help from E.T.
« Thread started on: Apr 26th, 2004, 12:43pm »

So far I have run into quite a few different theories on "why" Extra Terrestrial life comes to visit us.
One man who claims that all evidence makes it quite clear and obvious that these beings are coming to Earth because they are involved in a sort of breeding project which will supply them with plenty of food and so forth.
An Author claims that there are Aliens who are always among us, studying, taking notes, etc., for whatever reason. There is perhaps something they don't quite grasp about us. Emotions ? Fear of death ? Or maybe they are looking at us because we present the closest resemblance to thier origins.
While all these theories are being constructed, there are serious economical, ecological, cultural problems that are eventually going to bring our planet, and all life onboard to a state of crisis, and despare. We see no "strong" effort from any of these beings to help. Not that it is thier duty. However, we have stereotyped these beings as having superb intellect, and brain functions above and beyond anything human.
It does'nt suprise me however, that despite superb intelligence, and the ability to travel through space and time as though it were as simple a task as turning on a toaster oven, that they retain no concern for our present status. That they are to scared to confront us even when they have the psychic ability to figure out who "wants" to talk with them, and who it would be most "beneficial" to speak with for whatever reasons they are coming here.
They must not be at all compassionate it seems. Is Compassion simply a "Human" concept, or is it a definate universal agreement between any two species of intelligent beings.
How many pathological liars does the average person come in contact with daily. How much of what we believe and/or hope is true is actually bologna ? How much effort has been made by Earth's many pathological liars to make it seem as though certain incredable things are truly happening ? How much of it is true ?
After a while, no one wants to hear such a thing as "there is only life on Earth, and no where else". Nor do human beings want to hear that there is no government coverup involving E.T.
Certainly there are explanations for everything that has ever taken place historically, and not all of it is going to be pleasing to the ears, or entertaining, but some of it contains E.T., and I feel pretty certain that the World Order has taken precautions against alien attack.
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