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Jan 20th, 2018, 3:45pm

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xx Beings in search of Lifes Origin
« Thread started on: Dec 29th, 2003, 12:46pm »

Man has been in honest search of lifes origin for a good long time. I would imagine that any evidence of extra-terrestrial life would perhaps throw a lot of this research in many new directions.
For instance I have heard that only the absolute "perfect" conditions must exist for such a thing to happen as "POOF" life. Quite interesting that life just goes "POOF" all over the universe. That of course is what I believe to be true. Life appears also in many other places other than our more familiar solar system.
Surely if there exist beings other then ourselves with the capacity to use reason, and logic, and to be curious, then it is probably reasonable to think that they would have an interest in space travel, and would try (were they to live long enough) to use space travel to get them around the universe in pursuit of answers such as "Is there intelligent life out there ?", "What is the Origin of life ?" etc. "What is this black stuff between the stars all about, and what are the stars all about ? " "What what what, why why why ?"
So honestly it should be no suprise if we were to find out that they have come down here, marked a couple areas to remember where to find thier subjects of research, tagged us much in the way a forester will perhaps tag a Deer to keep track of it in its own habitat, maybe even taken a few folks, and kept them in captivity much in the way we might keep a Killer Whale, or even a Chimpanzee, etc., etc., etc.
There are so many possabilities, and probably so many other forms of research that may even in some cases go so far over our own heads that they look at us much in the way that we look at a moth, or even a frog.
We see the frog and think: (What a completely incapable creature. It does not think at a human level.)
What if these Greys, or whatever other beings are out there see us and think in a simialar manner. Perhaps they know very little about why we stare at a block in the middle of a room while Jerry Springer causes strange riots on the screen.
Other forms of life would be perhaps completely dumfounded while they were looking into the moving images in the box.
What if we were just not communicating to them in a way that they could understand. They must not be interested in morse code, or any human alphabets if they have'nt contacted any of us by such means.
There are scientists who are listening for replies from them. Does anyone know if we have tried any alternative methods of communication ? Are there any abductee gatherings which aim to communicate with the abductors ? Not that I have ever been abducted.
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