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Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "Camps"?
Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 20th, 2008, 10:39pm

Here is a very interesting video of "camps" that are being built around the United States of America.

I recommend that for those who wish to respond to my question, that those people click on the following link and watch this video before giving an answer. That way they will better understand the question.


My question is simple. Does anyone have a logical explanation for what the places in the video are, why they exist, what they are being built for, who runs them, and why there are new things being added to them, ect. ect?

I am most interested to see what anybodies theories are.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 21st, 2008, 5:32pm

Bill Clinton's answer to a question about the FEMA CAMPS:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 23rd, 2008, 3:42pm

FEMA 1: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4zr0_9P-gz8

FEMA 2: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=e3rl1FbDT2o&feature=related
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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 24th, 2008, 7:26pm

Here are two videos of an "internment camp" in Texas:



The privatized Hutto "jail", which is also administered by Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), contains more than just people who came over the boarder illegally. In fact, here is an article about palestinian refugees and CHILDREN being held in that camp:


In fact, Most of them are families including pregnant women and children who have never been accused of any wrongdoing but are forced to endure squalid conditions inside literal concentration camps.

Allied to the burgeoning growth of the prison industry and future plans to detain American citizens on masse, new plans have revived the potential scope of the camp, and a new contract to intern 600 individuals was finalized with immigration authorities in December 2005.

The facility is euphemistically called a "Residential Center," yet charges of overcrowding and poor conditions are rife, with an estimated 645 people filling a facility that has only 512 beds, as this article from the Texas Civil Rights Review clearly states -


Innocent children should not be jailed and forced to live under traumatizing and dehumanizing conditions. Plain and simple. Suspicions will undoubtedly be cast as to whether the facility in Tyler is part of a wider agenda to set up a network of internment camps that will be used to forcibly detain American citizens under emergency provisions. And I think all Americans should be concerned when these camps are popping up everywhere.

People, please. The government can eventually use them for whatever they want to. How many need to be built before we all stop them?
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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 26th, 2008, 11:26pm

Here is a 9 part series on the concentration camps in the USA:

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ9wgXl_3Lk&feature=related (Part 1)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc9aoCaWnoQ&feature=related (Part 2)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiQqPGZI60w&feature=related (Part 3)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=k7y41AJQyhg&feature=related (Part 4)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W7xvJjHQzmY&feature=related (Part 5)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=KTAFBow0_So&feature=related (Part 6)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzmgripQUnU&feature=related (Part 7)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oyxXYq4zpA0&feature=related (Part 8)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=B01jK9ZbBNk&feature=related (Part 9)
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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 29th, 2008, 9:21pm

Well, here's one citizen who is up to speed on whats going on in the United States of America:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Feb 29th, 2008, 9:21pm

Here is the actual United States Homeland Security document that outlines the plan to build "Detention Camps" all around the United States:


It doesn't get any better than the actual document folks.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 1st, 2008, 5:33pm

Here is a video that shows Oliver North being questioned about the "continuity of government" that could end up placing millions of Americans in FEMA concentration camps:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 3rd, 2008, 10:22pm

Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez (RIP), admitted that there are actual plans to detain American citizens in the case of what the government would consider to be "terrorism".

Congressman Henry Gonzales (D,Tx) stated:

"The truth is yes...the plans are here... whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism... evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps."

Here is an article in The Federal Observer which covered Mr. Gonzales's comments:


Here is a little more info about Congressman Gonzales:


Here is a video of Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez giving his famous speech about how there are plans right now, for the arresting of American citizens and the holding of American Citizens in detention camps:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 4th, 2008, 8:06pm

Congressman Jim McDermot made a speech about the "internment camps" and the rounding up of American citizens during Martial Law in the United States:


In the speech, Congressman Jim McDermot said:

"From 1982 to 1984, Colonel Oliver North assisted FEMA in drafting its civil defense preparations. Details of those plans emerged during the 1987 Iran-Contra scandal. They included executive orders providing for suspension of the Constitution, the imposition of martial law, internment camps, and the turning over of government to the President and FEMA."
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 5th, 2008, 10:21pm

Daniel Hamburg is a former Democratic Congressman who was elected to the 1st Congressional District of California in 1992 and also subsequently ran for Governor of California, finishing in 3rd place.

Hamburg co-wrote a well-received recent article carried by the San Francisco Chronicle in which he outlined the program to incarcerate American citizens in internment camps, which have already been publicly built, during a time of declared national emergency.

Here is the article that former Congressman Daniel Hamburg wrote about these "prison" camps for American citizens.


In the article, former Congressman Hamburg states that:

"Since 9/11, and seemingly without the notice of most Americans, the federal government has assumed the authority to institute martial law, arrest a wide swath of dissidents (citizen and noncitizen alike), and detain people without legal or constitutional recourse in the event of "an emergency influx of immigrants in the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs."

But I have already stated before that I think what the government claims these camps are for and what they are really for is two different things. They aren't permanently for illegal aliens because our government is currently pushing for the SPPA. A "north-american partnership" AKA North American Union AKA Open borders policy.

And again, they are not just being built in the USA, they are being built all over the World.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 6th, 2008, 7:59pm

Ritt Goldstein, an investigative reporter for the Herald, writes that recent pronouncements from the Bush administration and national security initiatives put in place in the Reagan era could see internment camps and martial law in the United States:


In the article, Ritt Goldstein writes:

America as you know it is changing dramatically. The democratic freedoms which long defined American life are under siege. Today's Bush administration is moving towards America's military pursuing law enforcement, internment camps are on the horizon, and a member of the US Civil Rights Commission previously broached Arab-American internment.

Hidden behind FEMA’s benevolent face as the body whose chief responsibility is disaster relief, another FEMA exists. It is a FEMA that few know has been “charged by the Bush Administration with leading the nation’s anti-terrorism effort”, and a FEMA whose history includes nightmarish episodes in this vein.

Here is another article by Mr. Goldstein that details plans for Martial Law in the United States which was published in the Sydney, Australia, Morning Herald:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 7th, 2008, 2:02pm

Here is a copy of an article written by Jonathan Turley of the Los Angeles Times, On August 14th, 2002 entitled Camps for Citizens: Ashcrofts Hellish Vision:


In the article, Jonathan Turley writes:

Atty. Gen. John Ashcrofts announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.

Ashcrofts plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and
reconsideration of Ashcrofts fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties.

The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcrofts small inner circle, which has been carefully watching to test cases to see whether this vision could become a reality.

The cases of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government.

Jonathan Turley's Blog:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 10th, 2008, 9:48pm

Nat Hentoff (born June 10, 1925) is an American historian, novelist, and columnist for the Village Voice, Legal Times, Washington Times, The Progressive, Editor & Publisher, Free Inquiry and Jewish World Review.

Nat Hentoff received his B.A. with the highest honors from Northeastern University and did graduate work at Harvard. He was a Fulbright fellow at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1950. From 1953 through 1957 he was associate editor of Down Beat magazine. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in education and an American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award in 1980 for his coverage of the law and criminal justice in his columns. In 1985 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws by Northeastern University.

Here is an article by Nat Hentoff in the Village Voice in which he also outlines General Ashcroft's plans for Detention Camps in the United States:


In the article, Hentoff states:

"Now more Americans are also going to be dispossessed of every fundamental legal right in our system of justice and put into camps."

Here is more info about Nat Hentoff:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 12th, 2008, 4:43pm

Anita Ramasastry is a law professor at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle and a director of the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce & Technology. She is also a regular columnist for the online legal commentary Writ.

Ramasastry earned a B.A. in 1988 from Harvard University, a M.A. in 1990 from University of Sydney, and a J.D. in 1992 from Harvard Law School.

Here is a CNN news article about Ashcrofts plan for detention camps in America done by Anita Ramasastry:


In the article, Anita Ramasastry states:

Attorney General Ashcroft and the White House are considering creating military detention camps for all U.S. citizens deemed by the administration to be enemy combatants.

The internees will be deemed enemy combatants. By whom? By the military alone -- without any right to judicial review in a federal court or otherwise.

The government's position is that its own decision as to who is an enemy combatant is binding on federal courts, and that it need not even offer the courts individualized facts to support particular detention decisions.

We now are faced with a scary prospect -- indefinite detention of multiple citizens because the government decides they are dangerous. The mere suggestion of camps or group detention facilities implies that the Executive is, in fact, considering using its newfound citizen-combatant detention program on a broader scale.

Here is more information about Anita Ramasastry:

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 13th, 2008, 8:05pm

Here is a Pacific News article published in 2006 about a $385 million contract for Halliburton subsidiary KBR to build concentration camps all across the United States:


In the article, it states that:

Almost no paper so far has discussed the possibility that detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law.

Plans for detention facilities or camps have a long history, going back to fears in the 1970s of a national uprising by black militants.

After 9/11, new martial law plans began to surface similar to those of FEMA in the 1980s. In January 2002 the Pentagon submitted a proposal for deploying troops on American streets.

It is clear that the Bush administration is thinking seriously about martial law. A multimillion program for detention facilities will greatly increase NORTHCOM's ability to respond to any domestic disorders.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 14th, 2008, 5:39pm

Here is another article from Alternet covering the same story about how the government is hiring Halliburton subsidiary KBR with a 385 million contract to build concentration camps all across the United States:


In the article, it states that:

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 governing the treatment of detainees is the culmination of relentless fear-mongering by the Bush administration since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Because the bill was adopted with lightning speed, barely anyone noticed that it empowers Bush to declare not just aliens, but also U.S. citizens, "unlawful enemy combatants."

Bush & Co. has portrayed the bill as a tough way to deal with aliens to protect us against terrorism. Frightened they might lose their majority in Congress in the November elections, the Republicans rammed the bill through Congress with little substantive debate.

Anyone who donates money to a charity that turns up on Bush's list of "terrorist" organizations, or who speaks out against the government's policies could be declared an "unlawful enemy combatant" and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens.

Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Cheney's Halliburton, is constructing a huge facility at an undisclosed location to hold tens of thousands of undesirables.

We can expect Bush to continue to exploit 9/11 to strip us of more of our liberties. Our constitutional right to dissent is in serious jeopardy. Benjamin Franklin's prescient warning should give us pause: "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 21st, 2008, 12:29am

Here is another article from CounterPunch which talks about the $385 Million for concentration camps in the United States of America:


In the article, it states:

The federal government has awarded a $385 million contract for the construction of 'temporary detention facilities' inside the United States as part of the Immigration Service's Detention and Removal Program. The contract was given to Kellogg, Root & Brown, a subsidiary of Halliburton. The camps would be used in the event of an "emergency", said Jamie Zuieback, an Immigration service official.

Here is another article from SourceWatch.com about the same $385 Million Dollar Contract to built the concentration camps in the USA:


In the article, it states that:

On January 24, 2006, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contingency contract to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) to "support ICE facilities in the event of an emergency"—in essence, American concentration camps

With a maximum total value of $385 million over a five-year term, consisting of a one-year based period and four one-year options, the competitively awarded contract will be executed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. KBR held the previous ICE contract from 2000 through 2005.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 21st, 2008, 12:29am

Here is another article from Global Research that talks about the $385 million dollar deal to build concentration camps in the United States:


In the article, it states that:

A recently announced contract for a Halliburton subsidiary to build immigrant detention facilities is part of a longer-term Homeland Security plan titled ENDGAME, which sets as its goal the removal of "all removable aliens" and "potential terrorists." Scott is author of "Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003). He is completing a book on "The Road to 9/11." Visit his Web site at: http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~pdscott/index.html

The Halliburton subsidiary KBR (formerly Brown and Root) announced on Jan. 24 that it had been awarded a $385 million contingency contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps. Two weeks later, on Feb. 6, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that the Fiscal Year 2007 federal budget would allocate over $400 million to add 6,700 additional detention beds (an increase of 32 percent over 2006). This $400 million allocation is more than a four-fold increase over the FY 2006 budget, which provided only $90 million for the same purpose.

ENDGAME's crash program is designed to house additional detainees who have not been convicted of crimes.

Significantly, both the KBR contract and the ENDGAME plan are open-ended. The contract calls for a response to "an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs" in the event of other emergencies, such as "a natural disaster." "New programs" is of course a term with no precise limitation. So, in the current administration, is ENDGAME's goal of removing "potential terrorists."

It is relevant that in 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced his desire to see camps for U.S. citizens deemed to be "enemy combatants." In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke of the harm being done to the country's security, not just by the enemy, but also by what he called "news informers" who needed to be combated in "a contest of wills." Two days earlier, citing speeches critical of Bush by Al Gore, John Kerry, and Howard Dean, conservative columnist Ben Shapiro called for "legislation to prosecute such sedition."

Since 9/11 the Bush administration has implemented a number of inter-related programs, which had been planned for secretly in the 1980s under President Reagan. These so-called "Continuity of Government" or COG proposals included vastly expanded detention capabilities, warrantless eavesdropping and detention, and preparations for greater use of martial law.

North's exercise, which reportedly contemplated possible suspension of the United States Constitution, led to questions being asked during the Iran-Contra Hearings. One concern then was that North's plans for expanded internment and detention facilities would not be confined to "refugees" alone.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 21st, 2008, 12:29am

Here is a 2006 Article from Global Research that gives a detailed description on the concentration camps that FEMA is currently constructing in the United States:


In the article, it states that:

We are dangerously close to a situation where ~ if the American people took to the streets in righteous indignation or if there were another 9/11 ~ a mechanism for martial law could be quickly implemented and carried out under REX 84.

The Cheney/Bush administration has a plan which would accommodate the detention of large numbers of American citizens during times of emergency.

Existence of the Rex 84 plan was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987, and subsequently reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987:

" These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached."

There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached.

The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners.

Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold thousands of people.

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 24th, 2008, 11:08pm

Here is a 2008 KLTV News Article about FEMA planning to use TRAINS to move massive amounts of people during the next "Emergency Situation":


In the article, it states that:

After 2005's Hurricane Katrina, Amtrak was hired to be on hand if another hurricane struck -- to evacuate people with special needs.

Cannon says FEMA is now devising disaster plans for other Gulf Coast cities based on the New Orleans model.

City officials say Congress and FEMA should create a national plan to use trains in disasters.

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 24th, 2008, 11:09pm

Here is another 2008 WKYC News Article about how FEMA plans to use TRAINS to "evacuate" people during the next "National Emergency":


In the article, it states that:

However, an assistant administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency says it won't be easy. Glenn Cannon told a congressional subcommittee that rights of way for most railroads are privately owned by freight companies. And he says there's no congressional mandate to use railroads for evacuations.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 24th, 2008, 11:10pm

Here is another 2008 WTOCTV News Article about FEMA and the trains:


In the article it states that:

The expanded use of passenger trains to evacuate the sick and elderly in is under consideration.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 24th, 2008, 11:11pm


Phil Schneider talked about FEMA trains to take people to camps over 10 years ago.

Phil Schneider was a geologist and structural engineer, who became known in the early 1990's for giving lectures about his alleged work inside top secret facilities being built by the United States government.

Here is a video of Phil Schneider talking about FEMA trains and the Gunderson Steel Fabrication company which he claimed was building prisoner cars (train cars) in the 1990's in preparation for their New World Order plans. He talks about shackles in the trains, ect:


Phil Schneider was an extraordinarily brave man who knew that he was going to be killed because of the information he was revealing to the American public in the Spring/Summer of 1995. He was murdered on or about January 10, 1996 in Oregon. His ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer, was notified about a week after his death. Local police originally called it a natural death by stroke, but later changed it to suicide when an autopsy (insisted upon by Phil's ex-wife) revealed marks around his throat-indicating death by strangulation.
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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 26th, 2008, 9:15pm

Well I'm not buying it at all. I think this is a nightmare scenario.

Trains for the sick and elderly? Lol. Are you serious? FEMA didn't do squat when the sick and elderly were drowning and dying in their wheelchairs during that hellish week of Huricane Katrina. Do you people really believe that FEMA is a loving, fuzzy, cuddly organization that cares so much about the sick and the elderly? For crying out loud they are now tied into the United States Department of Defense!

And another thing, the amount of train cars being built, and the amount of trains being built, can hold WAY WAY more people in them than just the sick and the elderly. Whats all the extra space for? Hmmm...could it be MORE people?

And where are these trains going to bring the people that are filled with them? Are they going to cruise past a homeless shelter and drop them off? lol. Hell no. There aren't even enough Homeless shelters to hold them all. Are they going to drop them in other cities? Yeah right. The cities that they were dropped in would be filled to their maximum capacity, and the economies of those cities would be strained with all the new people to feed and clothe. So thats not going to happen.

Hmmm....so what does that leave us with folks? Can we say, The over 800 FEMA concentration camps that can hold millions of people in total? Can we say, the same camps from the same videos I posted that are located RIGHT NEXT TO the train tracks?

I'm telling you what. There is no way in hell I'm getting on any FEMA train, and going to any camp where they are going to hold me "indefinately". F-ck that.

Straight from the article:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Federal Emergency Management Agency may expand the use of passenger trains to evacuate the sick and elderly in advance of hurricanes across the Gulf Coast, a FEMA official said.

Glenn Cannon, a FEMA assistant administrator, told a congressional subcommittee meeting in New Orleans on Monday that his agency is looking at passenger trains as a method of getting people out of harm's way.

After Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, Amtrak was hired to be on hand to evacuate people if another disaster hit.

And then there is this very worrysome statement:

But, he said, turning railways into evacuation routes won't be easy.

Rights of way for most railroads are privately owned by freight companies, and there is no congressional mandate to use railroads for evacuations.

So what does that mean? Hmmm..does that mean that FEMA and/or the President and/or congress is going to physically change the laws so that they can take posession of most railways in our country for their own purposes? VERY, VERY, Scary folks.

Please look at this with an open mind and open EYES. We need to do something. It's all coming into fruition, and if we don't do anything we're going to be screwed in the end.

The mind is like a parachute folks. It works better when it's open.

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Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 30th, 2008, 7:04pm

There are numerous covert "concentration camps" located across America, and Canada for the hour of martial law and the seizure of this nation for the New World Order.

Some of these facilities are also incorporated into the military's DUMB's (deep underground military facilities).

These numerous camps have been established to house and supossably to ultimately terminate what they consistently referred to as "the resisters of the New World Order".

But what IS a resister of the New World Order? The definition they (our friendly US government) have applied will surprise you! A "resister" includes:

- A Christian (firm Bible believer)

- A Constitutionalist

- A Patriot

- A gun owner who refuse to relinquish 2nd
Amendment rights

- Anyone who adheres to the concepts of maintaining our national sovereignty, the
Constitution and rejects the concept of United Nations world government control in it's place is labled by the government as a "resister of the New World Order."

- Those radio broadcasters, lecturers, authors, and pastors who publicly come against the New World Order.

Have you ever listened to radio broadcasts exposing the NWO by people such as Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) or Texe Marrs, or Chris Gurner (on Patriot stations such as Genesis Broadcasting Network)? They are all telling America the truth about the New World Order and it's dark agenda for America via the UN/martial law. And each one knows that they are irrevocably marked for persecution under the NWO/martial law agenda our nation is now entering into. People like them are the more open and obvious examples of "resisters of the NWO."
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 30th, 2008, 7:05pm

Even now, sitting silently in classified government computers are the names of millions of fellow American Patriots ALREADY PROFILED as "resisters of the NWO." According to many sources, such people have been marked for priority arrest, to be transported to these modern concentration camps (under FEMA or military jurisdiction,) to be interrogated, and ultimately, according to many different sources, to be terminated.

Interrogation? "Are you a member of the militia? Who is your leader? Where are your secret cells located? How many secret weapons caches do you have?" Or, "Who is your Pastor? Where are your food supplies hidden? How many belong to your prayer group?" Etc.

The CIA and the military have been secretly perfecting both mind control drugs and torture techniques designed to force compliance or to be used in interrogation sessions.

Some sources have even stated that under Martial Law those arrested can anticipate "...brutal rape, torture and death once they are arrested and taken to the camps!"

The camps stand to this day and will be activated under martial law. And are being built as we speak. Particularly hated by the NWO agenda are Christians who, for Bible-based reasons, will refuse to participate in their Luciferic based NWO. Former and current Satanists, who are the backbone of the NWO, have admitted this.

This is one of the main reasons why Christians will be considered a major target for arrest and removal as NWO takeover progresses in America. How many times can it be emphasized that it is time to wake up the churches in America?
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Mar 30th, 2008, 7:05pm

Many have stated that those "resisters of the NWO" who are not immediately terminated at the supposable many gassing/cremating or microwaving facilities across America and Canada may instead be diverted to facilities such as those located in deep underground military bases for human experimentation UNTIL THEY EXPIRE.

Remember Joseph Mengele and the Nazi doctors? Sadly, history DOES repeat itself.

It has also been said that the "resisters" could be turned over to Satanist covens for Human sacrifice.

A former high level Illuminati/Satanist named Doc Marquis once stated that when he was personally flown out to the FEMA gassing/crematory detention camp in the Mojave (it has a landing strip) he rejoiced as he was shown around this deadly compound.

Mr. Marquis stated:

"My sentiments? I rejoiced over the thought that Christians would be terminated in this place."

This is the end-time hour in which we live, friends. And in order to have mass beheading terminations of so many Christian resisters of the NWO, you must have the tools with which to do it.

For Christians who would raise eyebrows at this, I will simply refer them to the Bible as evidence:

Rev. 20:4

And I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God..."

While it is true that many, including the Apostle Paul, have been beheaded for the witness of Jesus, if you read it you will see that it is SPECIFICALLY referring to this present time frame of the Kingdom of Satan on Earth (the Kingdom of the Beast or AntiChrist) and the period when the cashless society will be manifested with the mark (Digital Angel/Veri-Chip/RFID Chip?) in one's hand or forehead and it's blasphemous World religious system.

If you would like to purchase a book written by Doc Marquis then visit the following website:

Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:18am

So what does this mean for all of us who believe in the Supreme Creator/God and Jesus Christ? What will become of all of us when these people truly gain control of our entire country?

They are using the "security" factor to get us all to let them try and keep more on more tabs on the people here almost as if they are trying to eventually reach a point where we will all need ID cards that the government has for all of us to travel from place to place, so that they have our information and so that when their "Master Plan" or "Global Agenda" is put in place, they can find us when they need to.

Why in the world would the Illuminati/Satanists want to allow people who believe in God (at least for the next few years why they will still be in power) to roam free and continue to practice our beliefs?

What will they do to try and stop us all while they still have a chance?

There is obvious reason to believe that Satanists and the Illuminati do not want people who believe in the One True Supreme Creator - God - to be around on this planet for too much longer. I mean why would they? It brings people together, it totally goes against what they want, and it undermines their authority.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:19am

Perhaps several years ago, many people who believe in God/Christ would not give heed to such a message as this. Only in recent months are many believers suddenly waking up to the sobering reality that we may be facing end time persecution in our nation as never before. Terrorist events never thought possible to occur on our soil have happened. And now, on the wings of public outcry over the twin tragedies of September 11, 2001, draconian laws are being raced through Congress, supposedly in the effort to help curb terrorism, but suspiciously beginning to sound as if we are slowly being turned into a police state.

Many groups and civil liberties organizations are alarmed at what is unfolding in our nation. Are our liberties being sacrificed for "security?" And who can prove that surrendering vital liberties has EVER brought forth "security" or "protection? Some of the harshest dictatorships with the most stringent and oppressive laws in place have provided no genuine security for it's citizens, only oppression and greater controls over the people.

The emerging government/intelligence community definition of "terrorist" is vague, but perhaps quite deliberately. What IS the definition of a "terrorist?" Great penalties are now being dictated both against "terrorists" and those who "harbor terrorists." "Suspected terrorists" can now be detained indefinitely, without a warrant. The term "potential terrorist" is also being used as well.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:19am

Read the following carefully and decide if YOU might fit into their category of a "potential terrorist":

"US Attorney General Janet Reno has sent a confidential memo to the U.S. attorneys that an investigation would take place against "right wing and fundamentalist Christ believers."

It states that investigation and surveillance of right wing political groups and fundamentalists, religious organizations and individuals will take place in certain states. Dossiers on targeted individuals are to be compiled and retained in Washington, D.C. in the Justice Department.

Or how about this quote from former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno herself?

"In the event of a wide spread uprising (as in martial law or a national disaster) these individuals must be viewed as "potential terrorists."

- Janet Reno, former U.S. Attorney General
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:19am

Now are you alarmed? With our nation in this present state of national disaster and increasing turmoil as biological warfare agents are being mailed out and reports of new threats surface continually, can you see that the above document refers to this time frame we are in?

Do you begin to understand the sobering implications of the term "potential terrorist?" Many Americans could nod their heads in agreement over the harsh new laws being enacted against "potential terrorists," naively thinking that the government's definition of such terrorists might be "wild eyed Moslem religious fanatics" intent on inflicting terror and pain on "the great Satan," America. But now you know there is a much broader definition of "terrorist" that the government has in mind! And that broader definition includes "right wing political groups, fundamentalist believers in God, religious organizations and individuals."

NOW that you realize this, can you nod your head in agreement over these laws being passed...when you realize they can be used against YOU? Against your Church? Against your Pastor? Against your religious organization? Against your belief system?
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:20am

Right wing groups also include America's militias as well, not surprisingly. And note how they are now being targeted WITHOUT SUBSTANTIATION as "potential sources" for the anthrax scare! Today it is both Moslem extremists and America's militias being targeted: tomorrow will it be America's Spiritual people/Christ believers and other "potential terrorists"?

People are beginning to become alarmed when they begin to hear government sources being interviewed on national television following September 11th, who constantly used this term "potential terrorists." For most fellow Americans, the hidden meaning was veiled. But for researchers like myself, the term "police state" began to register in my mind. And with it, the indication of end time persecution that will accompany it for the Believers in America.

All that I have been hearing recently in various news reports tends to confirm the hidden government agenda of intense persecution of the Believers in America to come. And, how such persecution would be activated under the great national disasters anticipated to come to our nation (and tragically welcomed or actually encouraged by those elements who have long planned to use such circumstances to bring this persecution into operation and the New World Order into power).
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 4th, 2008, 6:26pm

Those who study Bible prophecy have long known that great persecution of believers in Christ shall come to every nation, especially in the end times prior to Jesus Christ's return (In consciousness or physical form). Matthew 24 makes this abundantly clear.

Matthew 24:3 - "And as He sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately and saying, "tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end?" (Note carefully the time frame they are speaking of, and realize that He is speaking especially of this end-time period prior to His return)."

Jesus begins to explain to them many things. He warns of false Christ's, wars and rumors of wars, of nation rising against nation. He warns them of famines and pestilences and earthquakes in many different places. But then He states that "All these are the beginning of sorrows."

He then begins to expound on the coming reality of end-time persecution.

Matthew 24:9 - "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you, and YE SHALL BE HATED OF ALL NATIONS for My name's sake. And THEN shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another."
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 4th, 2008, 6:26pm

Jesus speaks of false prophets arising and deceiving many.

Matthew 24:11 - He reveals that iniquity, or rebellion, will abound, and the love of many shall grow cold as a result.

(We know we are witnessing that hour in which rebellion is abounding and even glorified, both in America and throughout the world. Acts of rebellion which people were formerly ashamed of are now being paraded openly in public and glorified on televisions and movies and rap music.)

He concludes this passage describing the nature of end-time persecution before His return by stating, "BUT HE THAT SHALL ENDURE UNTO THE END, THE SAME SHALL BE SAVED ." Matthew 24:13

Note carefully that He did NOT say, "But he that is RAPTURED, the same shall be saved," but rather "He that shall ENDURE UNTO THE END, the same shall be saved." This is speaking of overcoming persecution and temptation and remaining faithful to Jesus Christ even unto death, and it is speaking clearly in the context of end-time persecution.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 4th, 2008, 6:27pm

Only under a coming ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that is against God and His Christ (the "New World Order" as it is often referred to today) can believers in Jesus Christ be simultaneously hated in every nation. Jesus declares that ALL NATIONS shall hate His followers in the end times prior to His return, and deliver them up to be afflicted (persecution) and to ultimately be put to death.

And when Jesus states "ALL NATIONS," He means "all nations." All nations must then include the United States of America, in order to fulfill His prophetic word which cannot be broken.

Many believers in Christ have lived under the present delusion that serious persecution unto imprisonment and martyrdom can NEVER take place in America. They point to America's God-fearing founders, the Constitution, First Amendment rights, etc., and many other factors to insist that end-time persecution of this nature can not happen on American soil. Or, they insist that before such persecution could ever take place, the "Rapture" will occur (even before they can "suffer the loss of a hangnail" for Jesus' sake) and they will be taken out from end-time persecution before it can come.

Both of these doctrines are deceptions. They have no foundation in the Word of God and in the words of Jesus Christ (Who IS the Word of God.)
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 4th, 2008, 6:27pm

Jesus Christ declared firmly that end time persecution would come to His followers in ALL NATIONS. And that he that ENDURES TO THE END would be saved. (NOT he that is "Raptured!") In fact, He even warned that there would be times (undoubtedly of severe persecution) in which His disciples would long to see the hour of His coming, but that it would not necessarily occur at that desired time to rescue them.

Jesus spoke these words to give a foundation of understanding to His people, and to His believers who would face these tribulations in the end-times as well. He wants His people/people who have accepted God into their life in one form or another to be prepared for the things that they are called to suffer for His name's sake, so that no one might be overcome of evil nor unprepared to face such testing. He warns His people, so that they might begin to prepare themselves spiritually to endure and overcome what they are to face for His sake.

As people have traveled across America, they have been saddened and disappointed by the response of many pastors and many believers in God to this pertinent information. They have turned aside from the truth embodied in end-time prophecy, in order to embrace the doctrine of "the Rapture" or have said that "... because of America's Godly heritage in it's beginning, such incidents of persecution could NEVER happen in America."
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 4th, 2008, 6:27pm

People have repeatedly heard pastors lead their congregations to believe that before end-time persecution can come upon the Believers in America, the Rapture will come! Yet, this has not proven to be the reality in many nations in recent decades for people who believe in Christ. We know that millions died in Russia and the former Soviet Union for their faith and unwavering testimony of Jesus Christ. How many have died in China for their faith? How many in the Sudan? Indonesia? Nepal? Cuba? Africa? And all within less than the past one hundred years.

For such persecuted believers, there was no Rapture to save them from end-time persecution. Rather, the Words of Jesus Christ held true: "He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved."

Did you know that America is filled with unknown martyrs? Although the names of many of them will never be known to us except in eternity, Believers have been dying for their faith in America for many years. How?

Hard-core Satanism in America, has caused the reality of both children and adults often being targeted and abducted for sacrifice BECAUSE they were believers in Christ (or from homes of people who believe in Christ) and taken away to be brutally tortured and sacrificed. And just because you may have never heard of this means nothing!
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:30pm

The news media in America IS CIA/Illuminati/government controlled, and they make sure that their people are in place throughout our nation to ensure blackout of such information to the average American.

America's Satanists are very well organized and operate under a high level of covertness to protect their names, reputations, and legally. In reports from SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, There have been instances documented in many accounts from former high level Satanists of people being targeted BECAUSE they were believers in Christ. They were stalked, abducted, and sacrificed for their faith.
As one previous Satanist admitted, "Satan was demanding Christ's followers for sacrifice, and by golly, we obliged him. They were targeted, stalked and sacrificed like all the rest..." (From a former CIA assassin, Satanist leader in one state, now a Christ follower/lecturer exposing the occult.)
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:30pm

One eye-witness account from the mountains of NC admitted that, as a Satanist, she participated in the abduction of a well known believer in Christ who was a witness/intercessor in that region that the local Satanists hated. She was abducted while walking home on a rural road at dusk. Their van pulled up next to her, men jumped out and seized her and she was thrown into the back of the van. Her mouth, hands and feet were then duct-taped and she was injected with a knock-out drug. When she revived, she found herself chained naked to a Satanic altar deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, in a massive cave known to all Satanists in that region.

She was then tempted to deny Jesus Christ as they offered to let her live IF she would work for them to infiltrate churches, spy on Christians, etc. According to this former Satanist' account, she refused. Her only reply was: "I BELIEVE IN CHRIST!" And they then proceeded to torture her most brutally, until she finally died. The former Satanist friend never forgot this. And her father, who participated in the martyrdom of this young woman, eventually became a Believer in Christ as well.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:31pm

Other eye-witness accounts from the cases documented include followers of Christ being abducted and nailed to literal crosses and tortured to death. One abducted pastor pleaded with his Satanist persecutors to repent and accept Jesus Christ as Savior, even after he was nailed to such a cross. Finally wearying of his Christian witness, one Satanist took a knife and slashed his throat to silence him. He died on that cross for the testimony of Jesus Christ...in the heart of those mountains known as "the Bible Belt." (People, how little so many of you know about true persecution in America!)

From Indiana, we have the testimony of former high priestess Elaine, now a Christian exposing Satanism. Elaine's daughter Claudia, also being trained at one time to become a high priestess like her mother, admitted: "We Satanists in Indiana even invented a cross that would separate in the middle after the victim was crucified. We also designed wooden spikes instead of metal nails, because it would inflict more pain on the victim. After the victim was nailed to the cross, they were then torn to pieces as we separated the cross into two sections..." believers in God were frequently their victims, both adult and child.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:31pm

Friends, how many times has this scene been repeated throughout the centuries, beginning with the early believers in Christ? When Christ's followers were brought before Roman tribunals and questioned about their faith, they had a choice. Throw a pinch of incense on the altar to Caesar and declare him to be "divine" ("Caesar is lord") OR to boldly declare "I am a believer in Christ" And for their confession of "I am a follower of Christ" and refusal to bow the knee to Caesar, history records that they were brutally tortured and killed, not even young believers being spared.

Throughout the centuries such persecutions have been repeated worldwide...YET the believers have survived, overcome and even grown during such times. We faithful of God/Christ in America have this great potential to both overcome and to grow, even during the coming season of great persecution. For we, too, are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and to be overcomers in the midst of tribulation.

However, the people of God are not being prepared realistically in America for end-time persecution and martyrdom to come in America. Most of Christs followers are NOT being prepared to "contend earnestly for the faith." In fact, many have compromised their witness and testimony of Jesus Christ even under normal circumstances. Often, when threatened to "leave your beliefs in God or Christ out of the workplace," they have consented and refused to be the witnesses for Christ God's Word calls them to be. Often compromise with any of Jesus's texts can begin quite slowly and subtly, but eventually lead to a tragic denial of Jesus Christ in the end. Of this we must beware.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:32pm

So many are sitting back and hoping for a "Rapture" to take them out before they could ever face end time persecution and martyrdom for His name's sake. Yet they have NOT ONE SCRIPTURE TO STAND ON that conclusively declares this expected scenario to be fulfilled!

NOT ONE SCRIPTURE! In fact, they have just the opposite, as revealed in Matthew 24 where it talks about false prophets deceiving people, which includes falsely teaching that such end time persecution will not overtake them, and that they shall escape by the "Rapture."

By the way, are we living in the time period close to the second coming of Jesus Christ? Of course! Many end-time Bible prophecies being fulfilled in this generation make plain we are living in the end-time period near to His return. But again, since Jesus plainly declared that NO ONE knows the day nor the hour, again it is presumptuous for North American Christians to believe that the "Rapture" will be based upon their desire to escape end-time persecution and hence avoid testing and refining. We are given no such promise that He will return just in time to escape prophesied end-time persecution.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:02am

Hear what happened to Chinese believers of Christ, prior to communist takeover in China, who were told by their pastors, "...you have nothing to worry about...before the communists can take over and persecute you, we will be raptured!" Yes, this was commonly taught in China in the churches at that time, as Christ's followers became uneasy over the rise of communism to power. Yet...there was NO "Rapture" to take out the Chinese believers in God when communism came to power. They instead found themselves arrested, imprisoned, tortured for their faith and martyred. And their persecutions and martyrdoms continue to this day. And reports began to come out of China of the Believers cursing their pastors and becoming angry at God because of this!

"Pastor! How could this happen! You said we would be raptured before we would ever be arrested and persecuted! How could you have failed to prepare us! How could God fail us?"

And the reality was, God did not fail them. Christ's words plainly revealed what would come under end time persecution to His people. God fails no one! But sadly, often His pastors DO. And such Pastors then become false prophets to His people. And tragically, God's people often PREFER false prophets in the pulpits of their Churches, whenever the truth is too hard to bear and is something their flesh does not want!
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:02am

Pastors often stated that they could never reveal such truth because they might then frighten and lose members (hence lose money through loss of tithes). Yes, 501-C-3 compromised Pastors have proven many times they love numbers and money MORE than the truth and more than the Souls of their congregations.

The members of these congregations falsely taught that "peace and plenty" was what the future held for America, and that they would be "Raptured" out of all persecution to come, even now cursing their Pastors and becoming angry at God as everything God's Word warned of begins to be fulfilled...this time on American soil.

(Friends, don't even bother to curse such Pastors: they are already under the laws of Karma for failing to prepare His people for this hour of testing! And the blood of those who fall away as a result of their false teachings will be upon the hands of such Pastors, who have prophesied falsely to them of "peace and prosperity" when prophecy revealed something quite different.)
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:03am

Nationwide initiative trains volunteers to teach congregations to "obey the government" during seizure of guns, property, forced inoculations and forced relocation.

A Pastor has come forward to blow the whistle on a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

In March of this year the Pastor was invited to attend a meeting of his local FEMA chapter which circulated around preparedness for a potential bio-terrorist attack, any natural disaster or a nationally declared emergency.

The FEMA directors told the Pastors that attended that it was their job to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any of these eventualities. The first directive was for Pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13, the often taken out of context bible passage that was used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him, in order to teach them to "obey the government" when martial law is declared.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:03am

It was related to the Pastors that quarantines, martial law and forced relocation were a problem for state authorities when enforcing federal mandates due to the "cowboy mentality" of citizens standing up for their property and second amendment rights as well as farmers defending their crops and livestock from seizure. It was stressed that the Pastors needed to preach subservience to the authorities ahead of time in preparation for the round-ups and to make it clear to the congregation that "this is for their own good."

Other preachers and Pastors have stated that this program is a nationwide initiative and a literal Soviet model whereby the churches are being systematically infiltrated by government volunteers and used as conduits for martial law training and conditioning. The Pastor was told that over 1,300 counties were already on board.

It falls under the umbrella of the NVOAD program which is training volunteers in a "Peer to Peer" program in a neighborhood setting.

Pastors were told that the would be backed up by law enforcement in controlling uncooperative individuals and that they would even lead SWAT teams in attempting to quell resistance.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:03am

"We get the the picture that we're going to be standing at the end of some farmer's lane while he's standing there with his double barrel, saying we have to confiscate your cows, your chickens, your firearms," said the Pastor.

The Pastor elaborated on how the directives were being smoke screened by an Orwellian alteration of their names.

"They're not using the term 'quarantine' - this is the term they're going to be using - it's called 'social distancing' don't you like that one," said the Pastor.

He also highlighted how detention camps had been renamed to give them a friendly warm veneer.

"Three months ago it was quarantine and relocation centers and now it's 'community centers' and these are going to be activated at the local schools," he said.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:04am

The Pastor has outlined the plan to carry out mass vaccination and enforced drugging programs in times of crisis such as a bird flu outbreak.

"In the event of an outbreak or a bio-terrorist attack, there'd be a mass vaccination....they have a program nationwide 'Pills in People's Palm In 48 Hours'," said the Pastor who was told that Walmart had been designated as the central outlet of this procedure.

The Pastor said that many attendees believed in the necessity of the program and were completely unaware to the motivations behind its true purpose and were offered incentives to become volunteers such as preferential treatment and first access for themselves and their families to vaccines and food shipments in times of emergency.

Which roads to close off after martial law was declared had also already been mapped out.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:04am

In another twilight zone Nazi-like spectacle, Pastors were asked to make a pledge or an affirmation during the meeting to fulfil the roles ascribed to them by FEMA. They were given assurances that they would be covered by full compensation in the event of resisters injuring them during property seizures and round-ups.

The Pastor said that his county had already succumbed to a tattle-tale like mentality where neighbors were reporting neighbors to the authorities for things like having chickens in their back yard. The brown shirt precedent has been set whereby people immediately turn to the authorities in fealty whenever their paranoid suspicions, fueled by zealous government and media fearmongering, are heightened.

The Pastor also said that the completion of the first stage of the program was slated for very soon. At this point all the counties within the United States would be networked as part of the so-called disaster relief program.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:04am

Here is actual KSLA NEWS footage of Pastors being trained to help crack down and round up American Citizens during Martial Law:


Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:07am

This is not a joke folks. IT IS REAL:


And the truth should be known to ALL Christians living in America:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgfihRJe71k&feature=related (Part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFLf6rUVTUw&feature=related (Part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN2kwpQofTg&feature=related (Part 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruymjp0vaiw&feature=related (Part 4)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy0tzFZbMjg&feature=related (Part 5)

FEMA's Pastors folks. Not YOURS.

Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 13th, 2008, 12:08am

Satanist hate crimes are rampant throughout our nation. Satanist infiltration into church organizations and ministries is widespread.

The Satanist/Illuminist subculture has successfully infiltrated America's schools, Universities, law enforcement, government, judicial and in fact penetrated every level of our society. They are networking furiously together to bring forth their New World Order/Luciferian based agenda. And they are destroying countless innocent lives in the process, and will destroy millions more in their bloody pursuit. Satanist recruitment into covens is at an all time high...recruiters even go out on Friday nights in college towns or cities and recruit kids on the streets, dressed fully in black robes!

And where is the Church? God has commissioned His people unto whom he has entrusted power and authority to wage mighty Spiritual warfare against the works of the enemy. Even the Bible declares "Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL." He did not commission the police...nor the local judge... nor the sheriff's department (they are all infiltrated by Satanists anyhow!) He has commissioned HIS PEOPLE to stand in the gap, to wage war against the enemy who is destroying countless lives across our nation continually.

Because God has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND, and has continually instructed us to FEAR NOT, we are to therefore march boldly forward with the power of God and CRUSH THE WORKS OF THE ENEMY.

People should be ashamed of the priests/pastors who have admitted that they are too afraid to deal with Satanism in their city...too afraid to stand up and do something about it.

It is time to make a difference...NOW!

Satan has already gotten away with murder unchallenged much too long...and wait 'til you see what they have in mind for YOU under coming martial law!!! Please...help make the difference.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 20th, 2008, 6:11pm

In the recent past since the double tragedy that destroyed so many lives in New York City and Washington, DC, we now see a foretaste of the persecution that is coming to this nation now surfacing in the form of new laws that already are threatening the civil liberties of all Americans. In fact, recently an FBI officer confronted researcher Al Martin (a man whose work in exposing the truth behind the government corruption and the New World Order, etc.) He was warned that within a year, he could be arrested for "seditious talk" for making such statements formerly protected under the First Amendment rights.

Could other believers in God also be arrested for "seditious talk" under the new laws to be enacted? Could Christ's followers witnessing in public or broadcasting on radio be labeled by THEIR definition to be "seditious talk?" Consider it a great possibility. But does this mean that we are to stop our belief systems? NEVER!

Remember: your liberties that come from believening Christ did NOT originate nor come from the US government! They come from Almighty God. It is God Himself that has given you this marvelous liberty through faith in Jesus Christ. The state did not give it to you, and the state cannot take it away. Now, we know it is a spiritual liberty, that we have been set free from the power of rebellion through faith in Jesus Christ. But what we experience in the spiritual must also be manifested into the physical realm as well, for it to be true liberty in the fullest sense.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 20th, 2008, 6:11pm

"Stand fast therefore in the LIBERTY wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage." Galatians 5:1

People in America, will you not realistically prepare your hearts for the coming hour of the cup of testing, persecution and martyrdom that all of Christ's follwers in America may end up drinking of for prophecy to be fulfilled? And will you not also prepare yours hearts to RISE UP in FAITH AND VICTORY to OVERCOME THE ENEMY in this hour?

Your hidden persecutors are many, and they extend into the White House and the highest levels of our government and our military. Many people believe that Justice Department investigators have already defined you follwers of God as "resisters of the New World Order" and secretly condemned you to be arrested and put to death, your organizations and homes to be seized by FEMA and foreign troops and confiscated, and decreed persecution for all those who would offer resistance.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 20th, 2008, 6:12pm

The concentration camps throughout America are many, and thousands of boxcars with shackles are possibly waiting to transport countless souls to these camps to be persecuted and terminated for their faith and resistance to Satan's agenda for this nation.

FEMA officials have already boasted openly to various Pastors that, when martial law is declared in America, they are going to seize their belief organizations (all quite "legally") and turn them into command posts for their bases of operation! The foreign troops (Russian, German, Chinese and others) trained to arrest you (even at many of our own military bases such as Fort Polk, LA) and transport you to these detention camps number well over 2,000,000.

German Bundeswehr/Luftwaffe (Army/Air Force) soldiers are present in America and Canada by the thousands and are stationed in over one hundred bases and facilities, and have boasted openly, both in Germany and America, that they are in America for the hour of martial law. They have admitted to some that they will NOT have a problem performing what they have been sent to do: arresting and firing upon American citizens!

And to add to this, AWACS from Germany are now present in America, to patrol our airspace in anticipation of widespread uprising under coming martial law. The military has admitted that they will deploy chem-bio weapons to help weaken the resolve of the American Patriot to resist the UN/NATO New World Order takeover of our nation. CIA insiders have admitted that many of these detention camps are also termination camps, and the Church in America is one of the major targets of removal and elimination under martial law.
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 20th, 2008, 6:12pm

It is not inconceivable that, in the future, you will see uncompromised followers of Christ arrested, transported to boxcars filled with shackles, to be transported to one of the many documented gassing/crematory facilities to be persecuted and slain for their unwavering confession of their faith and refusal to compromise their beliefs in God. It is also conceivable that you will witness them being dragged out and tortured for the mass public executions anticipated of those deemed "resisters of the New World Order."

And if you deem yourself to be a committed believer in Christ, Constitutionalist, Patriot, etc. it is truly possible to find yourself among them. There may soon be coming an hour in which the blood of the martyrs of Jesus Christ will flow in the streets and detention camps of America.

There may soon be coming a time in which the skies above designated detention/ termination camps will be blackened with the smoke of cremated bodies of those end-time saints who will refuse to bow the knee to Satan and his New World Order, who will remain faithful unto God and Jesus Christ even unto death. And that such smoke will arise as sweet incense into the nostrils of the Lord of Sabaoth, as a true testimony of those who gave their lives for God and the testimony of Jesus Christ and "loved not their lives even unto the death." And it is not inconceivable that you may be among them!
Re: Can Anyone Explain The Purpose For These "
Post by OrangeCandle on Apr 20th, 2008, 6:13pm

When you think about it....is there no better way even to this day than to transport mass amounts of people from one place to another by the use of boxcars and trains? Creepy.

The same tools the Nazis used back in the day are still the most efficient form of transportation for mass amounts of people.