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They will know!
Post by wolfmanrob on Aug 9th, 2005, 12:37am

I tell you what the whole world is going cellular,if you have a registered cell phone if someone wants to know where you are,if someone wants to find you for various reasons they will because all cell phones have a gps tracking device built right in,then they will point thier trusty satelite cameras right at you knowing what your doing,at all times sadalso cars that have onstar built in is also a tracking device in some ways this is all good but in some ways not so good it seems somebody wants to know eventualy where we all are at any given moment in some way shape or form the government has us all by the BALLS cryand thats the truth people,they dip into our pockets,literaly stealing our hard earned money they add on to the price of our houses they add on to the price of our cars,they make you pay whan your sick they make you pay when you die,the only ones that really actualy benefit are the super wealthy tax free, if you don't abide by thier rules they put you out of business and on the street,how do you justify that an 18 year old kid can go and fight on the front lines in a war but yet they'll bust his ass if back in america he's caught drinking a beer.thats hard to take,the gov takes things and hides things from us almost like a little child.they have got most of us brainwashed, join the military for collage money,great but you better hope theres not a war because you are gambling whether your coming back alive or in a pine box.so much for collage........ cryeither way you look at it were all controled some where in our life,it's all conspiracy theory,but i say theres no theory behind it,its all fact!!! shocked