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Tracking Internet Usage
Post by befree on Oct 8th, 2003, 12:14pm

Tracking Internet Usage

Under Section 216 of the Act, courts are required to order the installation of a pen register and a trap and trace device31 to track both telephone and Internet "dialing, routing, addressing and signaling information"32 anywhere within the United States when a government attorney has certified that the information to be obtained is "relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation."33 Section 216 states that orders issued under its authority cannot be permit the tracking of the "contents of any wire or electronic communications." However, in the case of email messages and Internet usage, the Act does not address the complex question of where the line should be drawn between "dialing, routing, addressing and signaling information" and "content." Unlike telephone communications, where the provision of dialing information does not run the risk of revealing content,35 email messages move together in packets that include both address and content information. Also, the question of whether a list of web sites and web pages that have been visited constitutes "dialing, routing, addressing and signaling information" or "content" has yet to be resolved.

By providing no guidance on this question, Section 216 gives the government wide latitude to decide what constitutes "content." Of special concern is the fact that Section 216 authorizes the government to install its new Carnivore or DCS1000 system, a formidable tracking device that is capable of intercepting all forms of Internet activity, including email messages, web page activity, and Internet telephone communications.36 Once installed on an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Carnivore devours all of the communications flowing through the ISP's network-not just those of the target of surveillance but those of all users-and not just tracking information but content as well. The FBI claims that through the use of filters, Carnivore "limits the messages viewable by human eyes to those which are strictly included within the court order."37 However, neither the accuracy of Carnivore's filtering system, nor the infallibility of its human programers, has been demonstrated. While Section 216 requires the government to maintain a record when it utilizes Carnivore, this record need not be provided to the court until 30 days after the termination of the order, including any extensions of time.38 Section 216 is not scheduled to expire.
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Post by JJRAKMAN on Oct 9th, 2003, 10:40am

Isn't this part of what is commonly refered to as the Patriot Act?
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Post by Noah on Oct 14th, 2003, 6:09pm

I don't know what the big deal about tracking is in this day and age. You know those discount cards you get from grocery stores that you can put on your keychain? and every time you use them you get the sale prices? Those track you. Using a credit card, anywhere, tracks you. Security cameras are on street corners, mini marts, highways, businesses, etc., they all track you. Sad though it is, our every second on this planet is practically tracked by someone for something. Unless you're doing something bad, it shouldn't be a major fear in your life.


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Post by rainbow on Dec 13th, 2003, 3:16pm

The world we live in now, is frightening. You are a prisoner in your own country. No it isn't as bad as overseas but if we let people take away our rights and freedoms here, we are know better then the Husseins, Hitlers of the world. We should not have to live in fear. People have gotten so desperate nowaways that they want this and that to keep them safe and it has infringed on other's freedom. You will never be absolutely safe, that's impossible and to think that is plain ignorance. It will only make it easier for those who want to take over our society like another Hussein perhaps to follow us and if he doesn't like what he sees, we are died, like 1 million of his people in the graves over in Iraq in shallow deep holes as graves. True Americans were never meant to live like this, and our forefathers and ancestors are twisting in their graves because of the stupidity of the Nation and its people in it. Our freedoms were given to us to protect and we are doing a lousy job doing that, because of fear, politics, jealousy, god of time and greed. When people want to go back to the past for comfort, instead of going toward the future, we here in America are in a bad way. And what I learned from school is that DIVIDED WE WILL FALL, and that is what is going to happen, I feel this coming to our future. Women's intuition, I have know idea, but the feeling is growing stronger everyday. Even the earth is talking back to us, that alot of people don't want to see, or don't take the time to see. For example, the volcano in Yellowstone Park. Or the earth's magnetic field going back to original North.
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Post by franky on Sep 22nd, 2004, 6:21pm

Well ok!!Tracking system if you have cute lookers
tall dark and handsome?? HELLOooo!!!!

1.Yes! It is a con-piratcy!! We are timed to die instead of living our natural lives, It depends on our smartness and who we are related to!
2.Our DNA is being used on animals!!
3.The goverment is using area 51 for radiation dump and it crosses the USA and Canada... thats why our lakes are poisened!and now they want to berry it even farthur down in the earth.
4.They are creating other life and once in awhile they get loose and then they try to hide it..
5.We are in the path of a Astoriod a few hundred years away..And thats why they are trying to buld a new space project ..But they don't want to get a panic started!
4.President Kennedy new something and was going to tell us....But he was stopped!! Think about it! and then they went through all the other Crud!
5.Shall I say morehuh

Gosh! I guess that means I am going to get a visit by the men in black or something?
I will give them a run for there money! Thank you very much! It's over now Mam/Sir!

By the way "We watch you too!" You should be proud!
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Post by franky on Feb 27th, 2005, 9:54pm

Just another one of those..... try to keep you from telling your thoughts about UFO's and such! I say "Blank ....Blank .....Blank!" Can they tell what I said or track that?We tell and No-One will stop us!
Ya! thats my...... cover up!
Oh yes! They know there is a meteorite or astoroide heading our way or UFO planning attack Or Somthinghuhthats why they are covering the stuff their building for our Quote:Saftey! thats in the hills of you know! area 51and 61! the new place they moved stuff to!Thats what they say...Man!!!.... can I be nasty.
YA..Them man in black better be cute! If there is anything I hate...... is ugly guys!
That would be just awfull if they started a war just to stop us from questioning the sky stuff..UFO and such so they can secretly work on their stuff stop some upcomming deal they are hiding or don't want us to know about! "No- insult though to our men and women in Iraq!" They are our heroes!!!!!!!..It's the guys in those closed off areas building who knows what? for who knows? what that seems to be such a closed off secret deal that is really the thing that makes me wonder!! Specially if they are not using it now in these days? do you see what I mean?
P.S.S. I knew if I kept saying something one of those smily type faces would come from out of no-where!...........HELLO!.... smiley and then thats why you keep getting phone calls from the clinic to do tests because the FBI called them to make them put stuff in your body to get rid of you..so you shut up!By telling you ....you have some dreaded desease and you say Ya right! I Bet!It's the moffia guys and the men in black doing the stuff agian!It Happens folks! Now wouldn't that make a good Stephen king movie or novel?