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Post by wolfmanrob on Jul 20th, 2005, 01:30am

Its a wonder what the mind can do when we lay our heads down at night it takes over.its called the sub consiuos mind we dream about past loves,being chased traveling,monsters.horrors.but did you know that if when you are sleeping you realize you are dreaming you can vertualy do anything fly,fight,run etc.Its realy hard to do and it it dont happen to often but when the time comes and you are realizing your dreaming it realy works.try flying in a dream sometime just take off into the air its a trip,Dreams are things you see or thought about through out the day but occasionaly somebody pops into your dream that youve never seen before that is your miind making these people up just like some environments in dreams.it could quite possibly be the future you are seeing.people,places,things.TEXTTEXT