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Post by illseriousness on Apr 7th, 2004, 5:50pm

I have very little memory of how it all started.
I cannot even remember my dreams.
Its like some there was this unseen person that wanted to become part of my life.
And in his pride he hits me up for axieties and strange ideals. I don't know what an alien is accept from what he brags about knowing about about aliens.
(That aliens do not exsist, but are made up from synthetic insect dna)
There is alot of other stuff I cannot remember all that well, so I won't bother you with it.
I have woken from dreams of being violently raped, or having man between my legs.
I would find sores under my testicles that drained.
Strange white hairs grew among the hairs around my genitals.
I would wake up in grief and not know why.
Sometime I feel a pinch in my scrotum area.
Like a nail pressing down on the skin.
Or wake up suddenly from sleep and not know why.
Its like Im too stressed to sleep.

The morning dreams are more like night terrors, because in the dream I can still see my room;
and when there is a television in there with me I am able to see whats on it in my sleep.
I don't remember what I dream, just that invisible hands hold me down, and I can see my room, but cannot move.
Recently I began to notice that I was having what I call "thoughts in a crowd"
a bunch of teasing thoughts that were commenting on what ever I was doing, or was looking at.

The group of speakers who had no interest in me believing they were aliens or ghost or demons, but who all deny the exsistance of aliens, while doing their best to see to it that I browse the characteristics of their stupidity.
I go to buy something at the store and I have to listen to this thought garbage.
I sit down to watch a movie they begin making suggestive comments about the celebrities, and how films are made through several drafts, and only one version is available to the public.
How Soda Companies use piss in the place of water.
These beings do nothing but beg me to stand alone in my neurosis and defend the nature of righteousness-while I receive an ear full of nonsense 24 hours a day.
So, I must have been a target for mischief somewhere.
Who cares who thought it up.
This people will drop any ideal at my feet, or any sensation, or make available any kind of politic for their simple minded notions.
If it discomforts me it is as good as any evil thing to do.
The X Files is a cool show, thats all I know.
Oh yeah, and that Gillian Anderson looks very like German actress Sheryl Lee.
And Sheryl Lee is very Very Very beautiful.
Scarey but beautiful.
Post by illseriousness on Apr 7th, 2004, 6:45pm

We see you've been with us just over two years.

Yes, sir.

You went to medical school but you chose not to practice. How'd you come to work for the F.B.I.?

Well, sir, I was recruited out of medical school.
Um, my parents still think it was an act of rebellion, but, uh... I saw the F.B.I. as a place where I could distinguish myself.

Are you familiar with an agent named Fox Mulder?

SCULLY: Yes, I am.

Post by franky on Sep 23rd, 2004, 4:47pm

I had a dream two weeks before the Earthquake in california pancaked all those people and the bridges where broken up!! I saw everything as it was told on T.V. ...With the correct T.V station news casters ALL!
How can that happen?When I woke to turn the news on I freaked!!
I also had the same thing happen..When my freind got killed by an up comming sleeping driver! We were going go to church together ...Well we did! At his funeral I had a funny feeling that morning and saw a report of an accident and I new it was that!!!
I also had numorous times when somthing happened and I knew someone got hurt ect..Familly,friends,.It is really strange..and they were not from around my area.
I actually had that happen at a freinds house and they thought I was nuts untill I prooved it to them!
And then they never talked to me again about weird happenings.Infact we didn'e even talk anymore.
I can't say why maybe intuition or a angle tells me...Earthquakes are the big ones ...I can tell sometimes before they happen..It is a weird feeling! They say horses and dogs can tell..Maybe it is in people too! but it has not been studied.
They say after an accident to the head you get this happening....Well I have had a few..But havent alot of people? We don't really know the future, But when you read the writings of Einstein It all seems to kind of make sence....There is alot in our lives we don't know and where it will end up when we die..A second life?A new world?With God? That is all up in the air! Time will tell.Pshycic NO! just one that has that particular problem..It hasn't happened for a while so maybe it stopped! I just wish I can use it for helping others get out of the path of danger.I know otheres who have had strange happenings So it is not a exclusive thing with me.It happens with alot of people...A survey should be done. I will bet alot will answer!
Post by evilmonkey on Mar 16th, 2005, 08:48am

thats strange.... something simaler happend to me prior to 9/11. never knew what to make of it tell it happend.o yeah and i think aliens exsist, because we cant be alone in the unaverse, think of it.... just think about it the 903425934878523757347528357903475923734253453452
of trillons of miles out there what are the odds that 1 intelagent life for is out there?
Post by partypuppet on Dec 24th, 2007, 7:36pm

I 've had similar incidences w/o the testicle part. . The TV dreams might be similar to "image transfers" I'm communicating with one of these beings by oujia now. I asked about you after reading your and was told that you are being tracked because of a magnetic resonance situation. Possibly implanted . You may contact me on my provided e-mail/ There's much more to this situation than I wanted to believe. My dreams and my exchanges between others just appeared to be HIJACKED. I would like to definitely find out more from you. I'm ambivalent about saying whether these forces are hostile or not at this time, but they claim to be benevolent. Paranoia and anxiety seems to be connected with their communications. They've transferred to me information that really needs to be sorted out.