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1944: Secrets Of The Antarctic Reich Pt 1
Post by taldwarf on Jan 22nd, 2004, 08:37am

From the UFO Files...


If you had been a Wehrmacht soldier at the bombed-out
railroad station in Poltava, a city in the Ukraine, during
the summer of 1942, you would have seen a very strange-
looking military unit on the march, heading for a waiting
passenger train.
The unit consisted of women, all of them blond and
blue-eyed, between the ages of 17 and 24, tall and
slender, their sensational figures encased in striking
sky-blue uniforms. Each woman wore an Italian-style
garrison cap, an A-line skirt with the hem below the knee,
and a form-fitting jacket with the insignia of the SS.
You might have thought the SS had recruited a platoon
of high-class call girls. But the truth was far stranger
than that. You would have been looking at Reichsfuhrer-SS
Heinrich Himmler's latest brainstorm--the Antarctisches
Seidlungensfrauen (ASF).
The story actually begins in 1938, when the German
seaplane carrier Schwabenland sailed across the South
Atlantic, bound for Queen Maud's Land in Antarctica.
According to Russian ufologist Konstantin Ivanenko, "The
Schwabenland sailed to Antarctica, commanded by Albert
Richter, a veteran of cold-weather operations. The
Richter expedition's scientists used their large Dornier
seaplanes to explore the polar wastes, emulating Admiral
Richard E. Byrd's efforts a decade earlier. The German
scientists discovered ice-free lakes (heated by
underground volcanic features--J.T.) and were able to land
on them. It is widely believed that the Schwabenland's
expedition was aimed at scouting out a secret base of
A German base was established in the Muhlig-Hofmann
Mountains, just inland from the Princess Astrid Coast.
The area was renamed Neuschwabenland (German for New
Swabia--J.T.) and "the base was known only as Station
From the movie Schindler's List (available on DVD in
March--J.T.), people have gotten the idea that killing
Jews was the Nazis' main concern. But in actual fact,
Hitler and the SS were just as ruthless with the rest of
the population in their eastern European empire, thinking
nothing of shuffling large numbers of people around in
their quest for a more perfect Aryan race.
This shuffle was accomplished by a little-known
office of the SS called the Rasse und Seidlungshauptamt
(German for Race and Settlement Bureau--J.T.) or RuSHA.
In the Ukraine alone, RuSHA drafted 500,000 women for
forced labor in the munitions factories of Nazi Germany.
It was RuSHA which selected women for Himmler's unit
of Antarctisches Seidlungensfrauen (German for Antarctic
Settlement Women--J.T.) About half of the "recruits" were
Volksdeutsch--ethnic Germans whose ancestors had settled
in the Ukraine in the Seventeenth and Eighteeneth
Centuries. The others were native Ukrainians whom RuSHA
had "upgraded" to full Aryans. This process was called
Eindeutschung (Translated: Germanization--J.T.).
According to Ivanenko, "There is increased popularity
for the idea of a 'German-Slavonic Antarctic Reich.' It
is said that 10,000 of the 'racially most pure'
Ukrainians, out of half a million deported in 1942 by
Martin Bormann, were transported to the German Antarctic
bases during World War II, in the proportion of four
Ukrainian women to one German man."
If true, this would mean that Himmler transferred
2,500 Waffen-SS soldiers, who had proven themselves in
combat on the Russian front, to Station 211--now
Neuschwabenland--in Antarctica. This may be the source of
the myth of the "Last SS Battalion."

1944: Secrets Of The Antarctic Reich Pt 2
Post by taldwarf on Jan 22nd, 2004, 08:39am

An ASF training camp was set up in Estonia, on a
peninsula near Ristna on Hiiumaa Island in the Baltic Sea.
It was a combination finishing school and boot camp, where
the ladies took lessons in charm and housekeeping along
with their courses in polar survival. Himmler kept the
camp's existence a closely-guarded secret. For "unhappy
campers," the only escape consisted of a one-way train
ticket to Auschwitz.
(Editor's Note: There is one known instance of an ASF
"deserter." In 1943, Auschwitz guard Irma Griese, 22, the
off-and-on girl friend of Dr. Joseph Mengele, took to
wearing a sky-blue ASF uniform, which she had scavenged
from a pile of inmate clothing. Griese was hanged in 1946
for war crimes. The uniform's original owner must have
had serious second thoughts about a permanent move to
The failure of Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz's U-boat
offensive by May 1943 freed up dozens of "milk cow" U-
boats. These were large submarines, almost as big as
tramp steamers, which Doenitz had used to supply his U-
boat "wolf packs" in remote seas of the world. Himmler
now put them to work carting supplies and personnel to
Himmler's rationale for sending thousands of settlers
to Antarctica can only be understood within the context of
his mystic beliefs. As a result of his youthful reading
of New Age books, his association with the occultist Dr.
Friedrich Wichtl, and his membership in the Artamen,
Himmler became a believer in the Hindu concept of world-
ages or yugas. He believed that the current age, or Kali
Yuga, would end in a global cataclysm, thereby giving
birth to a new world-age called the Satya Yuga.
By sending a Nazi colony to Antarctica, Himmler was
ensuring that a remnant of the "pure Aryan race" would
survive the coming cataclysm with its society and culture
intact. They would then take possession of Antarctica
when the cataclysm melted the south polar ice cap.
According to believers, the Neuschwabenland colony
survived the end of World War II and Operation High Jump,
a battle with Admiral Byrd's Antarctic task force in the
summer of 1947.
Ivanenko writes, "The total population of Nazis in
Antarctica now exceeds two million and that many of them
have undergone plastic surgery in order to move about with
greater ease through South America and conduct all manner
of business transactions."
In 1969, author Michael X. Branton wrote a book
"alleging that the Nazis had managed to build rudimentary
flying saucers and transfer them to the Antarctic in

1944: Secrets Of The Antarctic Reich Pt 3
Post by taldwarf on Jan 22nd, 2004, 08:42am

Ivanenko called the Antarctic Reich "one of the most
militarily powerful states in the world because it can
destroy the USA several times over with its submarine-
based nuclear missiles, remaining itself invulnerable to
U.S. nuclear strikes because of the two-mile-thick ice
shield" overhead.
The city of Neuberlin, the colony's capital, sprawls
through "narrow subglacial tunnels" under the mountain
range, heated by volcanic vents and adjoining the
prehistoric ruins of Kadath, which may have been built by
settlers from the lost continent of Atlantis well over
100,000 years ago.
Most amazing of the stories about Neuberlin is the
claim that, like Shambhala, the city has an Alien Quarter,
where Pleiadians, Zeta Reticulans, Reptoids, Men In Black,
Aldebarani and other visitors from the stars dwell.
Ivanenko reported that talk about the Antarctic Reich
is "becoming more and more popular" in Russia, Poland, the
Ukraine, Belarus and other countries in eastern Europe.
He writes, "In the May 10, 2003 issue of the (newspaper)
Frankfurter Allgemeine, Polish journalist A. Stagjuk
criticized Poland's decision to send troops to Iraq" to
assist with the Allied occupation. "At the end, he said,
'The next Polish government will sign a treaty with
Antarctica and declare war on the USA.'"
Ivanenko added that Stagjuk's words were broadcast on
the shortwave radio station Deutsche Welle the same week.
"Some analysts compared this sentence to famous code
phrases which started wars in the Twentieth Century, such
as ' Over all of Spain, the sky is cloudless' in 1936, and
'Climb Mount Niitaka' in 1941."
(Editor's Note: "Climb Mount Niitaka" was the signal
Admiral Yamamoto sent to Kido Butai, the Imperial Japanese
Navy's fleet, to begin the attack on Pearl Harbor.)
It is strange to think of a large population living
under the ice of Antarctica, totally divorced from the
"mainstream" world. Then again, there are Jivaro
indigenous people living on Lago de Yanayacu (lake), less
than 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of Iquitos, Peru, who
have never heard of Courtney Love.
So, is there a city under the ice inhabited by the
grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original SS
settlers? Or is it just an urban legend stemming from the
chaotic conditions that prevailed in Europe during World
War II?
Some day we may know for certain. (See the books
Himmler by Peter Padfield, Henry Holt & Co., New York,
N.Y., 1990, pages 37, 68, 85 and 90; Hitler's Flying
Saucers by Henry Stevens, Adventures Unlimited Press,
Kempton, Illinois, 2003; Hitler's Heirs by Paul Meskil,
Pyramid Books, New York, N.Y., 1961, page 37; and Fate
magazine for June 2002, "Vostok: Lake of the Shadows" by
Scott Corrales. Many thanks to Konstantin Ivanenko for
allowing UFO Roundup to quote from his online article of
November 18, 2003.)

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