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Post by Valandra17 on Jul 16th, 2004, 11:39am

Does anybody think its possible that Dragons could have once existed? I mean if they didn't exist at one point how would the the folklore and legends have been created?
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Post by jenny on Jul 16th, 2004, 1:23pm


I think its very possible that either A) they existed, or
B) there really was ancient civilizations more advanced than ours and they simply didn't know how to describe 'flying craft' the same way we do today. Dragons are put in the mythology category, but they're proving that all mythology is based on *something*. So just gotta figure out what that something is.

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Post by evilmonkey on Mar 16th, 2005, 08:57am

You know how do we know dragons arenít alive today. Yes sure you say that you should of seen one but.... it could be just like the Giant squid, we never seen on alive... but in this case.... maybe we should look at the landscape witch the legends where created. Maybe we could find our answers in a unactive volcano?
Dragons ARE real
Post by evilmonkey on Mar 21st, 2005, 06:27am

hey if you watch the tv program Dragons: a fanisy made real on anamil plantet... dragons are real.The found a frozen body in a glaser nere romiana.The tales are true the breath fire!!!you guys should watch it and leard more abot the REAL anamle the dragon. grin and maby they are stull alive? or maby they whent extinct becuse of men.but maby ones stull alive in the lock ness... the lock ness montser.Becuse dragons where there in prehistoric time and some of the water creatures sevived.The water dragon.And they are most famas in china.you relly need to watch it.They otopcyed to find out this stuff.They use hidogin from gas from the sumic asid and planim to make the spark, to breath fire,They only found a baby drago, witch was killed by men, Sad story,
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Post by DarkWolf on Aug 5th, 2005, 5:11pm

The Reason Why We Dont See Any Dragons Or Find Any Dragons Is Because They Dont Want To Be Find,Dragons Are Very Wise And Intelligent,If They Not Show Them Its Because They Think Humanity Couldnt Handle It,Humanity Wouldnt Stand For A Creature More Wise And Stronger Then Humans...
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Post by wolfmanrob on Aug 5th, 2005, 11:39pm

The reason why we don't see any dragons is because they dont exist they never did never will for one thing they'd be too big to fly,too heavy. and they must have a very good hiding place because theres realy never been any sightings.so theres no urban here it's just a legend.
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Post by TheHat on Aug 5th, 2005, 11:52pm

I've got to go with the wolfman on this one. Straight physics explains it.
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Post by Neila on Dec 27th, 2005, 3:08pm

One possible explanation:

In ancient times, nomads crossing the deserts would find in the ever-shifting sands huge bones. These bones were, naturally, the fossil remains of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. But to the nomads all they knew is that they came across some really huge bones unlike anything they had ever seen before and they were made of rock of all things. Pretty mysterious occurance if you happened to be an ancient nomad with an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the local wildlife but nearly zero knowledge of paleontology.

Eventually these nomads would come across a relatively intact skull, or a jaw with teeth, and bones with other defining traits. They would start putting the lore together as part of their mythology: giant creatures with bones of rock roamed the earth. The nomads never saw a living one, so obviously these creatures must live in the clouds or in the earth or under water.

The nomads would have great knowledge of the animals they shared their environment with and this knowledge would allow them to make a rudimentary guess at what these creatures might have looked like based on the bones and that, too, was worked into the mythology.

Ancient peoples living along coastlines would experience the same phenomenon but in a slighty different way. Creatures they had never seen before would wash up dead on the shore. Still to this day dead creatures wash up on the shores and it takes DNA testing to figure out what they are. When a 50 foot monster washes up on your doorstep every 20 or 30 years mythology starts to develop around what you are seeing. Strange creatures roam the deep, and they look nothing like the fish, sharks, whales and other sea life you've know your whole life as a primitive fisherman.

Eventually the mythology gets connected, spreads and evolves per individual cultures into what we know today as the dragon archetype. Soon we have sea dragons, sky dragons, spirit dragons, and they all look generally the same and no human has ever seen one alive. The cultural influences start to take over and elaborate on the baseline knowledge and human imagination take it from there.