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sept 2 2011 waupaca sighting
Post by moonlighter72002 on Sep 3rd, 2011, 9:56pm

TEXTOn september 2 2011 I was walking my 2 golden retrievers before retireing for the evening.I was at the end of our drive way with one dog and had turned to look towards king about 3/4 mile away.
We do see military as well as civilian aircraft at night as well as the occassional space station and other satelites sightings but what happened next , I had never seen before.
Several evenings before I was out with the dogs and had seen the space station go over,kind of just plowing along in all its shiney silvery radiance.At 9:22 pm sharp I saw a bright redish orange ball of light heading from west to east along county road QQ .The night was rather hazy with broken clouds through which stars could be seen.The ball of light seemed to be traveling about the same speed that the space station travels when it goes over and even the local foundry jet appears to be going about the same speed visually as its going to land but why reddish orange ?
The ball of light got pretty close to my location when it made a turn and headed due south and as it did the color didnt change it stayed reddish orange .
At this time from over a willow tree in my yard another ball identical to the first one came over the tree,then right over me also headed from West to East and as the other object was now headed South,the one that just went over me now turned slightly and headed I would say in a south south East direction and also never changed in color as it passed over head.Niether one of the red orange balls made any sound at all ! At one point two cars headed west and I thought they would stop and watch but continued on into king.
Having been a photo interpreter in the USAF during the 1960's and having also been stationed at a fighter wing I have seen hundreds of jets taking off and landing and many after burner runs and believe me.a fighter makes alot of noise,especially when they some times would take off two abreast.
I couldnt make out any particular shape other than they were round reddish orange balls of light and the size was very similar to when you see a jet with its landing lights on coming toward you from perhaps3/4 to 1/2 then 1/4 miles.
It struck me that it almost seemed like the lead ball of light had a wing man traveling about 1/4 to 3/4 miles paralell.
It took a long time to finally get to sleep and I now see them in my mind constantly-Oh yes-I was shaking like a leaf and still am.Any clue as to what they were or where from is a mystery.
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Post by MAXY55 on Oct 16th, 2011, 08:37am


we (10 or more of us)have witnessed these reddish,orange,lowflying ,silent orbs..in wisconsin dells,on at least 2 seperate nights.
There have been many of these same sightings,almost ALL the same ,in this area as well as worldwide.
I too am now determined to solve this mystery..

just too many people with the same sighting all summer long....something is going on..I believe they are organic,not a craft,,sort of like a life form ,not yet discovered.coming from where??deep in the earthhuhspace??just my guess..
could be black operiative project??one thing is for sure they do not care if we see them..
Did you notice a white star like orb,high above the lower reddish,orange,orbs??It followed them until it stopped and reversed course and flew out of view...sort of like a mother,watching from above...what says you?or anyone?
Re: sept 2 2011 waupaca sighting
Post by moonlighter72002 on Oct 16th, 2011, 09:05am

Hey! great knowing some one elce has seen similar objects.
The date I witnessed these objects had been one of many storms here earlier in the day.One which saw many power outages and storm damage.
I saw them at night-9:20 ish and it was scattered clouds ,no wind and hazy through which at times you could pick out distant stars but there was nothing near these resembling a star or white light.
These objects were between the cloud cover and ground. At one time the 1st one got I would estimate less than a quarter mile from me and started to turn South.At this time the 2nd one went right over my head but headed more South South East.When it went over my head it was very close at least the size of a small aircraft maybe larger and wasnt much over tree level in altitude.It was close enough to make me duck .
Ever have a bat fly by you in a confined space ? The feeling was very similar.
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Post by MAXY55 on Oct 16th, 2011, 10:11am

The first sighting was on july 9 2011..5 of us were around a fire at 230 am..it was clear..we watched 4 or 5 of these things in a loose staggard formation travel south to north at twice the height of the tall trees that we were under..they were at least the size of a van or bigger if they were a little higher..our vantage point was limited and we soon lost them to the trees..we were all astounded!your description was exactly what we saw..

Then just a couple weeks ago we went out on the lake at night to cruise and unbelievably saw a single one ,moving on the same flight path as the first sighting!that is when I noticed the white (mother orb) tracking the lower reddish orange orb..

I have searched the data banks of all reporting sites and found many sightings,all summer long of this same reddish orange,ufo,or ufos.most in wisconsin and northern il...you are not crazy and seeing is believing!

I have seen ALL types of chinese lantern type devices and this is most assuredly NOT what we are seeing...

I wish more of the reporting sites would have this board feature as most folks do not know about this place..with more people talking about what they have seen in wisconsin of these types,we could really narrow the info down...even if it was military.. I refuse to let this mystery die..I saw what I saw...twice! as well as many other people!
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Post by astrobee on Apr 10th, 2012, 11:25am

Moonlighter, you saw yours 9/2/11, my wife and I saw 4 UFOs in New Berlin, WI on 9/18/11 just 2 weeks later.

The Mrs. saw them first, 4 of them, by the time she came into the house to get me, 2 had flown off so I saw 2 of them. One was a single orange/then red/orange/then red light, the other, 4 orange/red lights in a V shape. I remember exactly the colors , it wasn't orangish/red, it was orange then red. It didnt pulsate or blink , just very subtly changed colors.

Anyway , the V shape one just hovered for 5 minutes, I would say 2,000-4,000 feet altitude, maybe a mile away to the southwest. Then the 4 lights did a little dance in the sky and merged into a single light. Then, both objects (2 lights now instead of 5) just flew off.

I find it interesting there is a rash of orange/red light sightings. I am running out of time but will post a youtube video from someone who saw the same thing in Milwaukee in Sept. 11, same thing we saw.
Re: sept 2 2011 waupaca sighting
Post by moonlighter72002 on Apr 10th, 2012, 3:34pm

It makes me smile in understanding to see that others here in Wisconsin have seen similar orbs.
The ones that I saw were indeed reddish orange-I get goose bumps just remembering them.
The 2 things that I am amazed and wonder about the most at this time are how large they were and how they made no sound at all.
The one that went right over my head was very low and very large.
I hope more people come forward that see these reports and remember perhaps objects they may have also seen.
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Post by moonlighter72002 on Aug 6th, 2012, 1:06pm

This is a followup on my sighting:I am inserting what happened here August 4 at about 9:40 pm-I since that time have learned that others living nearby also saw what me and my wife saw-I would enjoy knowing if others have seen similar events and i will note here that I mention in text about chineese lanterns as some would have us believe that is what some of us have seen--read on and comment.
Similar to what I saw last year but many more objects.
While out side at approximately 9:40pm with my dogs I observed several objects to the west south west of our home.these objects were what i would guess as a clustered formation with 5 or six leading then many more strung out and following behind in other groups of perhaps as many as 7 or more in a group.
I ran in the house and got my wife to look out a window and finally she came out to the end of our drive way and observed at least 2 of the objects.
many of them were behind trees across the road and i could see them moving to the east-the whole line or cluster of them all were turning toward the south and made no noise that we could hear and they all were the same color going away from us as when we saw them coming from the west.The majority of them were a red orange color but there were several that were almost white mixed in with the red orange ones.
I watched them for approximately 10 minutes before there were no more we could see.
The speed they were moving wasnt real fast but i would say was faster than an ultra lite aircraft-they were stagered/clustered , some higher and some a bit lower.
I called the sheriffs office and they said no one else had called and i am hesitant to report seeing them but if some one had chineese lanterns in the sky, they found a way to make them fly as fast as a plane and in multiple formations-without making a sound.
I will make a sketch.
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Post by Allan53 on Oct 31st, 2012, 10:08pm

Shame you didn't get a photo, would have been cool