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Has anyone seen them? Lights near Lindsey WI
Post by ufospymachine on Mar 10th, 2008, 2:44pm

TEXT Since Oct. 2004 my family & I have seen strange lights near our home southwest of Marshfield. One was a V shape of about 10 white lights hovering above Hwy N then suddenly shut off one light at a time. Several different sitings were veiwed from our house 3 miles south of Lindsey. Many lights were in rows of 3 or more turning on & shutting off. The colors of these lights were sometimes red, sometimes orange & sometimes yellow white. We had a dozen or more sitings up untill June of 2007. We are waiting for their return. I have wrote a book called "The Mysterious Lindsey Lights". Has anyone seen anything of the sort in this area? Please let me know.
Sincerely, ufospymachine smiley