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Green Bay Possible Sighting
Post by Zerr on Oct 13th, 2007, 10:04pm

I was searching around the internet and came across this site, so I thought I'd share what I saw tonight (Oct 13, 2007).

My son and I where having a fire in the backyard burning some brush, well once he got bored he decided to head into the house. I sat out by the fire (by myself, of course) and stared into the sky checking out the stars. I spotted a couple of planes flying from East to West (all three). Then I spotted a satellite cruising straight over head from West to East at that moment I gazed into the sky above my neighbors house and spotted a triangular shape with 5 lights/engines flying away from me (East). There was no sound and about 4 seconds of visual. It came out of nowhere, and moved East and then turned towards the South and disappeared. The time had to be around 7:30 pm. It wasn't very high in the sky. It had no blinking lights or anything that would suggest a plane or ultralight, besides I would have heard something. Was shaped like the stealth bomber....

Just thought I'd share that.