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Just reported a good sighting!
Post by dee on Sep 3rd, 2007, 9:50pm

Hey you guys know me! grin
I go to Chads shows a lot....
I am now the Official Meteorite Lady!I will be doing a presentation on meteorites for a club in Tomah,WI.
I have some good samples ( Possible Finds!)I will be showing and have a excellant presentation in store for these folks. So with anything that comes from the sky...It will be looked into if it is around this location or area.It's all part of my Astronomy/UFO-Paranormal investigations.
I have also been working on my UFO/Paranormal collections book of all my own investigations into the UFO /Paranormal subject.
I plan on doing an interesting presentation,but that will be all in the near future..I also have some good pictures of UFO's I have seen and snapped, because I always carry a camra with me for special moments of such.
I take all of my off work time very seriously and enjoy every minut I have been given to do this interesting activity.