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Twice sighting over sheboygan
Post by Freakedoutgirl on Oct 25th, 2006, 12:44am

I am a student at lakeland college, near sheboygan, wi.
Tonight me and my friend sara were outside for a ciggerette before we went to bed and while we were outside she pointed out that the "blinky" thing we had seen twice before was back in the same position but this time moving at a fast enough rate for it not to be a plane.
The first time we saw the object we thought nothing of it and thought it may just be a plane, however i belive in aliens and thought that it just might be a ufo. But shrugged it off when i didnt see it any other night for awhile.
However when we went out for a ciggeretter tonight we saw it again. We were both kind of afraid as to what it was and that now it was moving. It would flash red, blue, then white in a triangle form fast then stop of a second then slow. It was odd, at first we just wanted to belive it was a plane. but it was too low to be a plane and moving too fast , (becuase it was far away) to be a plane.
We saw it in the north eastern sky, which it should have been right above sheboygan or by the lake moving in a zig zag pattern up and down untill it went higher then before then back to a zig zag formation. We stayed out to see if it would do anything else but then it started to get brighter and move towards us. We didnt wait around to find out what IT was.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experinces like this at all recently. I did read that last year someone saw the same thing. Im wondering what it could be or if it is a being from another planet.
Re: Twice sighting over sheboygan
Post by dudeski on Oct 1st, 2007, 10:52pm

Hey, my mother and
i were sittin on my back porch tonight and saw a yellow object in the sky,at 11:11 moving at a brisk speed sidways almost gliding it seemed,it looked like a stubby hourglass with a bright glowing sphere in the middle. it was was way to bright to be a star it had an almost golden glow and disapeared near a field by our house.We didnt go to investigate but two police men were sitting in their squad cars with their flashers on berfore the sighting and they left shortly after in oppisite directions.