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Think we saw something near Waukesha.
Post by twojsmom on Oct 24th, 2006, 11:31pm

We were driving northbound on I43 towards Waukesha @ about 8:15 this morning when we saw two parallel lines of vapor in the sky. There was what looked to be a bright white light, or something reflecting the sun at the top of one of them. It was not moving. Exited onto 164 heading for Waukesha, and couldn't see it anymore, because we had changed directions. Then, as we approached the stop light at Hwy. 59, we saw some kind of aircraft. It didn't seem to be traveling very fast, or very high. Couldn't see any wings (but that may have been the angle)... sure didn't look like a helicopter. It was angular and elongated, and very shiny... like aluminum. We looked at each other, didn't say a thing, and when we looked back up at the sky, the thing was gone. It just disappeared. We were wondering if we are both crazy, or if anyone else saw something.... or, if anyone may have a clue as to what it was. It, honestly did not look like a plane.