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Very Strange Lights Over St. Francis
Post by Gremlin on Dec 10th, 2005, 10:35am

I used to work in the USBank Tower in downtown Milwaukee, with my office facing south, overlooking the Hoan Bridge and Bayview. On 4/7/97 at about 2pm on a very clear day ,I glanced out the window and noticed a VERY shiny object slowly gliding over the tree tops in Bayview and moving towards the south shore yacht club. It cleared land , dropped down to the Lake Michigan water level and just sort of extingquisted itself. Weird huh? Well, I thought it was just some sort of reflection, but another object just like it appeared a few seconds later and did exactly the same thing. I sat and watched about 5 or 6 objects do the same thing. It's a large building and I know someone else must have been looking out the window and seen the same thing or maybe someone in the St. Francis/Bayview area. I don't think they were UFOs ,but I can't figure out what they might have been. For lack of a better description, they looked like very large white flares, but they didn't go up and arch like a flare, they glided over the tree tops and made controlled decents into Lake Michigan . And who would use such large flares in the middle of the afternoon on a very clear day. This has always bothered me and I would GREATLY appreciate any good explaination . Thanks in advance to whoever answers this.