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where to go
Post by AurifeX on Sep 13th, 2005, 10:06pm

hi there
I just moved to la crosse two weeks ago. I'm quite interested in ufos but never had the opportunity to see one...
Does anybody know where there is a pretty fair chance of a sighting around the la crosse area ?
Where in wisconsin are "hotspots" with a lot of activity ?
Thanx in advance....
Re: where to go
Post by 2dogs on Sep 14th, 2005, 06:28am

Your in as good a place as any. Yes there are so called hot spots in Wis. But no guarantee that you'll see anything. If I were you I'd get to the top of one of the bluffs that line the river and just watch. Good luck and let us know if you see anything.
Re: where to go
Post by coach on Sep 20th, 2005, 11:36pm

There is a realy good place with a view of the whole LaCrosse area including the airport. It's on the Minesota side just to the west of LaCrescent Mn.

I can't remember the name of the road.
But from downtown LaCrosse if you were to take the route with the blue? steel girder bridge (hwy 16 ?)
west. When you get over the river to a main hwy with a stop & go light at LaCrescent. Go straight (west) through the light. Follow this road through a neighborhood to the top of the bluff area a little ways out of town to the northwest & you will be amazed at how the view is! It's better than Grandad Bluff!

I'm looking at a map right now & the road looks like it goes from LaCrescent winding to Nodine Mn.

My Brother inlaw who lives in LaCrosse showed us this spot one day while we were visiting.

Hope this helps you any!


PS;Let me/us know what you think of this viewing site if you make the trip.

Re: where to go
Post by AurifeX on Sep 21st, 2005, 08:05am

thanks for your replies so far...
I have been on the grandad already..but too many people and too light..I will try the other spot ..

but is there an place in wisconsin where there's a real chance seing ufos ??
Re: where to go
Post by coach on Sep 21st, 2005, 10:23pm

Well, I have seen many strange lights in the sky late at night at home & in the early hours around 4:30am while at work driving to my routes here in southeastern Wi.
But didn't get a good look at what they may have been
so I won't speculate on my sightings.
I had seen a couple of daylight soapbubble type looking "UFO's" about a year & a half ago in Lake Mills Wi. at about 9:20am. This I will confirm as being true UFO's!

I realy can't say for sure except read through the sighting reports on this site with the locations & dates, info etc. Looks to me that you are in a prime location for possible future sightings.

Hope this helps any.