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This is where i come in
Post by jetman on Feb 25th, 2005, 10:07am

So i am a regular person.....22 years old....and i watched peter jennings report last night with my girlfriend. after it was over i asked her if she believes in anything. She said sure maybe......then i went on to tell her that on February 11, 2002, i seen some crazy nuts in Rockford,IL. It was crazy i said to myself. Me and about 12 other people were coming home from an AA meeting, so iwas completely sober, and one of my friends pointed out that there was wierd stuff going on in the sky. Well, we pulled over to see that at least the block we were on, there was no traffic at all. Everybody was stopped and looking into the sky at these 10-13 different orange light things that were doing all kinds off arial acrobatics...i have been holding this to myself since that date, and i was wondering if the things half of rockford say that night were UFO's? I have been a skeptic all my life, but like peter jennings says, seeing IS believing. Whats even crazier is that i was in rehab at the time, and the people i was with were all in it too, as well as our driver, an older guy about 30ish, had no idea how to explain them.....looking for answers, Jetman
Re: This is where i come in
Post by cweb on Apr 17th, 2006, 7:04pm

Hi Jetman: The fact that others were with you, they all saw the same thing, that is validation that what you saw was real. The attempt to explain exactly what it was could hit a deadend, unless you look out of the box; that is, ask your higher power to reveal to you what this sighting means for your life, believe the answer will come, and it will. I have witnessed UFOs at various times of my life, first as a young person growing up in northern Wisc. It changed my perspective on life and caused me to question our known science and philosophies. Keep your heart open and do not allow the sighting to distress you. So many people think that sightings are to be feared, that it has to be something negative, that aliens are out to get us. That could be, but I choose to believe it may be just the opposite, they could be making themselves known a little at a time because they are coming to help. We are in our infancy of space travel and it could be those in other galaxies or even other dimensions have found a way into our world and may eventually bring new knowledge to us. Food for thought. Good luck to you! cweb