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Somethings here from somewhere else
Post by Owned on Feb 10th, 2005, 7:32pm

You have selected to read this message because either you have had an experience not of this world and wish to somehow rationalize your experience, or you are searching for other profound human experiences of the un-explained to perhaps satisfy your need to just know.

One thing I know is for sure... somethings here from somewhere else and that thing is co-mingling with our physical and mental human psyche.

I have my own alien intervention experience recalled from 1988 in northern maine, dreams of contact and unbeleivable experiences which by all diagnosis puts me in the realm of those with a psychosis generated delusionaly troubled mind.

So I wonder more than most of the time why things I experience are unbeleivable, shouldn't be happening, can't be happening, and yet realy are happening.

I live in the Green Bay WI area and have continually seen brightly lit objects traveling the evening and night sky.

These objects suddenly appear, are very bright with a glow like a single intensely focused lightblue LED light and can at times move slowly or rather quickly.

Travel can be in all directions and altitude. at times the lighted object will travel completely from horizon to horizon with remarkable brilliance than fade away. other times it can suddenly appear, travel a short distance and just instantly go out with no indication of being there.

Summer of 2003 one of these brilliant objects appeared above my home 20 position and traveled from west to east under a broken cloud formation producing a spectaculare bluish halow glow on the cloud as it moved under it, than blinked out.

There never is a sound and my sister is witness to most of these events. she purchased a 3 million candle power spotlight from fleetfarm so we could put a beam on the over head object during fly by.

I guess it was in the hopes to make some kind of contact. but I'm sorry to say that has never happened.

Living a couple of miles from the Green Bay airport we know planes and landing lights as well as aircraft marker lights. what we see is nothing like any of these.

So I beleive somethings here from somewhwere else.

Re: Somethings here from somewhere else
Post by franky on Feb 27th, 2005, 9:10pm

NOTE: NOT AS DREAM!S ....And Always watching the sky and have seen these time after time and I had witness to some of these sightings also!
Yes! THATS IT! I have seen those weird lights also! They just come out of no-where and at any angle at anytime..Slow - Fast - At strange angles - and White bright brilliant color..with no blinking and sometimes low, but mostly of the times very high up!
I once watched a light that reminded me of a sparkler that came through the sky in a very strange angle and stopped in one spot and stayed right there in a particular spot and looked like a star for the rest of the night! I also saw a light above our home .Way up that got larger and then moved to the left and then just went off........!! never to be seen again!I do not know what that was but it was kind of heart throbbinbg and I ran in the house...It was 2:00 A.M. in the mornning when I saw that!These are not planes or jets and do not blink..And when you look at them with binoculars they are very bright and there is no deffinet edges .they look like stars..They are also not meteorites...They do not change course and stop as these do! So if it is black helicopters or the army.... they are defenetely got some new and strange technology! Though personally do not think so...!I am congering up a way to try and get these on camra or some type of movie camcord!We have a excellent picture of the haly comet..with good star formation in back...Now I am going to try to get some film of those lights too!If I can get them on a night that I am not working to late.