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Seeing IS believing...
Post by rainygirl on Nov 14th, 2004, 11:22am

On Saturday, Nov. 6,2004 my children and I were at our friends' house in Gillett, Wi. The children were outside playing in the yard tag with my friends' chidren. It was around 8:30 pm on a clear fall night when the kids came in the house by the adults and said we HAD to go outside and look at something. We asked them repeatedly what they had to show us so bad but they wouldn't say what is was WE had to see it. So my friends and I went outside following the children into the back yard. They pointed in the sky and asked us what it was. At first we adults could see anything, but when we focused better there were 4 white 'globes' of light that were moving quickly in the sky. Not random movement but almost as if a dance. The globes were come together and then come apart. We were ALL at a loss for words, especially since our children were looking at the adults for some answers. We all too questioned each other to make sure that we weren't seeing things, there was no denying it. The adults moved closer to the field in the backyard for a better look. It was darker so the 'globes' were even better to see. We heard no noise, but the globes were more of an oval shape from the backyard. The objects continued to do their 'dance' and then they starting going around clockwise in a circle, almost as if 'chasing' each other. They varied in speeds as well. Sometimes they were slow then they would speed up considerably. Just as my friend made the comment "why don't they go counter clockwise?" and then they did. That did it for me, I went to the house, actually ran to the house. Some adults stayed outside and watched. I made the kids come in. Finally after watching for an hour they gave up and came in. Periodically we went to check if they were still there. Around 11pm it stopped.
I know what I saw and my friends know what they saw and also my own children could not deny what they saw. They weren't planes or lights shining. They were viable, large, flying objects. We can kick ourselves for not getting the video camera but we were all in such disbeleif from what our eyes were seeing. We didn't tell many people except some other friends we thought would take us serious. They told us it was the 'Northern Lights'. I KNOW what the Northern Lights look like and these were not it. Besides they were in the West not North. This was Saturday night, not Sunday or Monday when the Northern Lights were.
I don't know what they were but I know what they weren't. It was a flying, oval, white 'globe' that hovered and danced in the sky. That happened to scare the living hell out of all of us.
Re: Seeing IS believing...
Post by simon on Nov 15th, 2004, 03:09am


perhaps this is what you saw. They can change the direction from clockwise to CC as well. They are searchlights and can be hauled anywhere. Just a theory.