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UFO almost forgotten
Post by Abducti01 on Mar 12th, 2004, 03:08am

It was 2AM,our attention was drawn to the bedroom windows which face the Howard Johnson hotel, there was a fight in the parking lot and my husband and i went to see if police needed to be called, within a few min,we became aware of the sudden deafening silance, i saw something moving about the top of the trees right outside the window,it look like a gun blue can with probes with red lights on the tips of each(4 in all) then as it seemed to stop and spin,another shape appeared just beyond that one,it was almost like a childs jack,having points in all directions,it too had red lights flashing at its tips, as we both watched it moving,We noticed something right over our roof,HUGE!! the size of a city block floating slowly in a circle motion,other things begain to move in and out of it! balls of soft glowing lights and things i cant recall ,Then the large craft started moving further over us giving us both a view of the bottom,it was detailed and introcate and i remember turning to my husband and humming the star wars song, there was an opening at the center of the bottom , i realized i was watching it close and panels slid over to form an almost flower like shape of metel.We ran to wake my mother,so she to would see this,but for some reason never returned and didnt even remember seeing it for 5 years . I suddenly recalled it and mentioned it to my husband bill and he too remembered the details! Thats all we can recall from that night, until 5 years later!!!