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Madison area
Post by erg57 on Dec 20th, 2003, 5:52pm

Has anyone seen anything not so explainable in the sky in Dane County as of late. For the past few weeks I have seen things that I cannot explain, and I would love to as I am as skeptical as can be. But I have to admit that I have never seen such bright stationary things in the sky....that aren't stars.

I am not going so far to say UFO. But these have certainly caught my attention as of late.
Re: Madison area
Post by Noah on Dec 20th, 2003, 9:52pm

Hi there,

How many objects are you seeing? And you mentioned that they are stationary but that they are not stars, what are they doing that makes you think that? Give us some more details and we can try to narrow it down for you or help in some way to figure it out.


Re: Madison area
Post by erg57 on Dec 21st, 2003, 5:50pm

Just one very bright light--yellowish-orange light that would intensify and dim. It seemed too close to be heavenly, but being on theground does not give me a grear vantage point I suppose. It was at dusk and I could see no other stars. Perhaps it was a planet though I am no authority on the astronomical calendar.
Re: Madison area
Post by Noah on Dec 22nd, 2003, 06:00am

Actually that very well may be Venus. THere's an interactive sky chart at :


You can click "change" to change the location to your area, and also to change the day/time.

Also check out a daily/monthly skywatching calendar: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/sky_calendar.html
Re: Madison area
Post by Coach on Aug 2nd, 2004, 8:48pm

Well I don't know if this is what you saw, But around April or May of this year 2004 I was working in Lake Mills ( which is about 15 mi east of Madison ) at about 9:20 am. It was on a monday. I happened to look up at the top of my truck to see if everything was working all right on it. When I caught a glimps of something shiny. I thought that it was the sun playing tricks on my eye sight so I looked down & wiped my eyes & I was just going to carry on with my work, But then I thought that I'd take a second glance. I was stunned at what I saw. It or they looked just like two soap bubbles but very shiny, One about 4 or 5 times bigger than the other. I was on the east side of town looking North East of town. They both were moving due south faster than a jet with no noise. The big one moved in a straight line, But the small one was zig zaging away from the big one & back to it while keeping pace. After about 15 seconds of watching this the small one shot away to the southeast with lightning quickness, In a fraction of a second it was gone. I watched the big one for about 3 seconds more when it seemed to speed up & move to the Southwest. I called my co worker on the cell phone & asked him if he had seen the same thing, But his reply was " you must be drinking & doing too much coke" So then I thought what's the use & I just put it in the back of my mind! Until I read your post.
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Post by ericagothgirl on Dec 14th, 2004, 3:07pm

12/13/04 i saw a thing that looked like an airplane so i watched out my bedroom window watching it go across the sky...then all of a sudden it made a turn towards my house and i saw 3 bright white lights grouped together side by side the one in the middle was bigger than the 2 on the sides that were about half the size of the big 1 facing my direction...it started to get a bit closer and it scared me big time so i went by my bedroom door...my legs were shaking...but when i went back to the window it was gone.

-erica g Dane County,WI
Re: Madison area
Post by lonna on Dec 16th, 2004, 05:29am

OH MY GOSH>>>YES.. I am so happy that someone else is seeing this. I live near Dodgeville/Mineral Point. I go to work very early in the morning, and since it has been getting colder outside lately, the first thing I do when I get out of bed is look out the window to see how the weather is doing. Well, on Friday Dec 3rd, at around 4am, I saw this huge bright white light. I knew right away it was not a planet or star, but thought I was seeing a car on the road out near Yellowstone State Park. I watched it for awhile trying to figure out which road it was on, since I have lived in this house for 6 years now and never noticed lights there before. After watching for a few minutes I could tell that it was very close to the ground, but not touching, and moving every so slightly. First to the left, then up, then back down. You had to watch closely to see this other wise you would not think it was moving. After about 5 or 10 minutes, it just vanished. Never came back at all. I told a girl at work that I had seen something, and she told me that she had also seen something. After we compared notes, we think we saw the same thing. Only difference was I saw mine on 12/03/04 @4am, near Yellowstone Park, and she saw hers on 12/06/04 @ 6:30 pm, near Blackhawk Park in Highland, WI. She says hers was hovering near the lake. Maybe mine was too, since was out never Yellowstone Park. Then about a week after I saw the light, my daughter told me that her friend and her friends mother had seen a bright light (around 8:30 pm) and watched it for about 15 minutes before it vanished. (my daughter did not know about me seeing a light, so she wasn't making this up to add to my story). I am very excited about this. I wonder how many others have seen it?