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The "Rock Elm Disturbance"
Post by TogatikZeebie on Oct 28th, 2003, 10:54am

Anyone ever hear of this place?

It's a very cool location of stunted crops, bad water, unusual geology, diamond and gold nugget finds, and UFO sightings...

Re: The "Rock Elm Disturbance"
Post by taldwarf on Oct 28th, 2003, 2:18pm

Not to jump all over you. shocked
undecided embarassed angry huh
Yes, I am gonna jump all over you!

Is this place in the US? rolleyes
Is it in a State? What state is it in?
Is it near a city? What city is it near?
Are ya getting the hint here? We need a little more than just
Did ya here about?
Sorry, but sometimes ppl get me so peeved.
Re: The "Rock Elm Disturbance"
Post by TogatikZeebie on Oct 29th, 2003, 12:11pm

It's in Wisconsin in Pierce County.

I was curious how well known the site is -- or isn't.

I'll have to dig into my old stories because I think that I've written about it years ago in a UFO article.

Here's some scientific info on the place. But I wonder about the part of using a "telescope" to examine drill cores. And Prof. Cordua appears to be a fan of the UFOs as "swamp gas" theory. Still, this is good.

I also had a strange experience there myself. Very weird. Must have been "disoriented" by the swamp gas that the article mentions.


Rock Elm Asteroid Crater Site of Speculation, Study

A long, long time ago, more than 400 million years, an asteroid about a half mile in diameter traveling at about 12 miles per second smacked into the earth at Rock Elm, Wisconsin, leaving a hole about four miles in diameter and 200 yards deep.

The crater, known as the Rock Elm Disturbance in eastern Pierce County, is one of more than 100 known impact craters on our planet, according to UW-River Falls Geology Professor Bill Cordua. There may be many more, as yet undiscovered, in countries that have not been explored for craters as well as beneath the sea.

In Wisconsin, the Rock Elm Disturbance is the largest of three known sites. The other two are near Pepin, on the Mississippi River in west-central Wisconsin, and Glovers Bluff in the central part of the state.

Though most of the Rock Elm crater is on private property, part of it falls within the boundaries of Nugget Lake County Park. Visitors to the park occasionally pan for gold or visit Blue Rock, a geological formation of dark blue rock about 150 feet wide and 60 feet high.

Park Manager Scott Schoepp says there is a small interpretive sign by Blue Rock written by Cordua to explain the significance of the area, but it is very difficult to identify the disturbance without some assistance.

Nevertheless, the site has generated its share of attention over the years, not only from students of geology but also from prospectors seeking gems and minerals, people who speculate about UFO visits to the area, and those who wonder when another asteroid will drop out of the sky.

Chris Peters, a recent UW-RF graduate from Stillwater, Minn., who majored in geology, conducted a study on the disturbance for his senior research experience and solved one riddle: he was able to determine the age of the crater in Rock Elm.

Peters painstakingly used a telescope to examine sediment from cores that a commercial company had drilled while prospecting for gold and diamonds at the disturbance. He found fossils from two types of tiny, soft-bodied creatures, conodonts and scolecodonts, and matched them with other fossils of known ages. With this information, he was able to identify the era that the asteroid hit as the Ordovician Period, roughly 430 million to 455 million years ago when ancient Wisconsin was located just north of the Equator.

Both gold and diamonds have been found in the crater, in the sediment of its streams. About a dozen diamonds were found in the 1880s, according to Cordua, who said they were identified by George F. Kunz, a gemologist. Kunz described the diamonds as pale yellow to blue in color and weighing as much as two carats.

A hundred years later, in the 1980s, EXMIN out of Bloomington, Ind., and the Superior Oil Company from Tucson, Ariz., explored the area for gold, finding only some placer gold.

"The relationship between gold and diamonds is not known," said Cordua, "but it is interesting from a geological point of view that they have both been found in the crater. They probably washed out of the glacial material in that spot."

Though there have been numerous reports of UFO sightings in the area surrounding the Rock Elm Disturbance‹the nearby town of Elmwood claims to be the UFO capital of Wisconsin‹Cordua is skeptical. "I believe those sightings are illusions caused by swamp gas," he said. "The sediment that filled in the crater is clay rich, so there is a lot of heavy, boggy soil that generates swamp gas. The gas is methane, and can make you disoriented," he said. "It can also flare if it is ignited by a lightning strike."
Re: The "Rock Elm Disturbance"
Post by franky on Sep 19th, 2004, 2:21pm

Rock elm is one of the sites said to have had a astorioide hit there..and there are at least two other places where astoriods hit in Wisconsin....Over by Madison and down near Milwaukee? I believe.
Also Colby Wisconsin had a meteorite back in 1917 that came down and has been an attraction at the history Meseum and some prats of it are in the Milwaukee museum. The meteorite was the size of a small car.Go to Wiscosin Atoroid hits and I believe you will find some information there on these astoroid hits in WI.
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Post by franky on Sep 19th, 2004, 2:42pm

Here are directions to Rock Elm!

If you know where Niellsville Wisconsin is...Heading West on highway ten will take you to interstste 94 go over the interstate pass and follow highway ten just keep follwing this road.You will go through Mondovi and then Durand and on to Plum City keep f driving untill you hit CC, then turn right untill you get to highway #72, turn right and thi s should take you to the Elm rock park area.
Watch for it's sign's.
From Steven's Point..... Follow ten west all the way untill you get to Neillsville, WI and follow the rest of the directions above.
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Post by dee on Sep 3rd, 2007, 10:26pm

Grovers Bluff area has reported UFO sightings as well as Elm Rock and they are both Wisconsin Meteorite impact areas.
I read somewhere that UFOs like the higher altitudes of the bluffs and hills because they can work better in higher cooler places and it has something to do with thier power abilities also.If you notice they tend to stay up higher then lower near the ground,
Unless they have to land because of problems. There was some other information, this how-ever stuck out like a sore thumb.
The lower half of Lake Michigan, upper part of Illinoise has had many reports of UFO sightings all along thier own own crater impact area and also reports going way back into history about strange happenings in lake Michigan.
I lived in that area most of my life and talked with people when I was younger about strange happenings all through the area that I lived in..had some of my own also!... .Planes/boats have gone missing in Michigan and a UFO went down being chased and now has been reported found and has recently been being thought after by professional divers.
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Post by katyjane on Oct 6th, 2007, 4:08pm

on Oct 28th, 2003, 10:54am, TogatikZeebie wrote:
It's a very cool location of stunted crops, bad water, unusual geology, diamond and gold nugget finds, and UFO sightings...

I live very near there, and to be honest I've never heard of really any of this stuff... aside from the carter. And there has been gold found in the past, but not any recently. My brother says he's heard of people finding rough diamonds, but again not reacently.