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Wisconsin UFO Sightings

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xx UFO Sightings: Oct. 18 & 21 in Mukwonago & Racine
« Thread started on: Nov 1st, 2003, 4:36pm »

Date: October 21, 2003 21:00
Location: Racine
County: Racine

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Circular craft over Lake Michigan

Strange circular craft(a) with 3-4 blue, flashing marker lights. Craft(a) Would dart high speeds in various directions then hover. Also noticed a very fast craft(b) perform a complete vertical climb from ground towards object, then veered and went east. Suspect craft(b) was military. Craft(a) hovered over Lake Michigan area. Appeared to be near Chicago, IL area. Object was observed for aprox 30 minutes. Unusual amount of civilian aircraft observing object as well for this area. Took photos, but lens was not powerful enough to capture craft.


Date: October 18, 2003 21:30
Location: Mukwonago
County: Waukesha

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Fireball flew over our heads on a clear night.

My neighbor, my fiance and I were outside having a campfire when out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the sky. I looked up and saw a fireball. I said "What is that?" Everyone looked and no one knew what it was. It came from the northwest and was going to the southeast in a perfectly straight line. It flew over our heads about 1,000 feet up. It looked like a big ball of fire. It was the same exact color as fire. There was no sound and no shadows. At first I thought it was a hot air balloon, but it was going to fast and we couldn't see anything other than the fireball. My fiance thought it was a meteor or asteroid, but there was no contrail and it was not falling. When it got behind our trees, my fiance and I got up and walked back to the tree line. We could still see it in the distance. It had now changed directions and was going south. I ran inside and grabbed the camcorder. After a few minutes, I came back inside and got the tripod. By now, we were not sure how far away it was. We just left the camcorder alone and sat by the fire talking about how weird this was. When we watched what we had recorded, it flickered a little - brighter and dimmer. Then it would fade away to nothing. It would reappear in about a minute. Then do the same thing over again. Until it finally just disappeared. I called our local police department, the county police and two neighboring police departments, but they had no reports about anything in the sky.

My neighbor was talking to another neighbor (with her daughter there also) about what we had saw and the daughter looked at her mom and said "see I'm not nuts." She had seen a fireball about 2 weeks ago outside their living room window.

We can come up with no reasonable explanation as to what it was other than a UFO. None of us have been able to stop thinking about it and are all always looking up to see if we can see it again.

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