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Wisconsin UFO Sightings

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xx Wisconsin UFO Sightings - Lake Dalton & Minoqua
« Thread started on: Oct 16th, 2003, 5:12pm »

We are constantly receiving older UFO reports. These were both rather interesting and were just added to the website.


Date: August 1999 10:30
Location: Lake Delton/Baraboo
County: Sauk

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Loralei M.

My husband and I were sitting on the back deck, as we often do, sipping wine and gazing at the stars. This particular night the sky was exceptionally beautiful in that it was so clear above, with big puffy clouds on the northwestern horizon. We were identifying satellites and counting shooting stars (I lost count at 17). We watched the clouds as they slowly moved from West to East over our house and property. We live near the borderline of Baraboo and Lake Delton, in the country.

It was my husband who first noticed the strange light behind the clouds. The cloud itself appeared to have a green tint. It was barely visible at first but as the surrounding clouds moved so did the green light. It became brighter as it passed just above our home at approximately 200 yards in the sky. It blinked in a pattern, like a beacon. The light was eminating from the sky, and faded outward. I wanted to go inside and call our children out to witness it, but I was mesmerized by the sighting. It slowly disappeared toward the west as it followed the clouds.

A few minutes later, two low flying airplanes flew by overhead. My husband (an ex-Air Force Security Specialist) said, "Those are search planes. See how they're flying low, side by side, and from West to east? Two more will follow from the other direction." Sure enough, as soon as the first set of planes passed, a second pair appeared from the other direction.

It was then that I went inside and called my children out. They stood staring at the night sky as my husband and I described what we had seen. We started counting shooting stars again, but they were coming so fast from all directions. Then we witnessed a lighted streak across the sky. It seemed to have a "tail" like a comet. There were lights/stars (?) that shot back and forth. It seemed like a war that was taking place in deep space. Really strange. We watched the news to see if anyone reported anything, but there was no mention of it, that I know of.


Date: December 2, 1995 2:30AM
Location: Minoqua / Hazelhurst
County: Oneida

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

I was coming home from Minoqua on my snowmobile heading South on the Snowmobile trail that goes in between Minoqua and Hazelhurst. It was about 2:15 in the morning. It takes about 25 minutes to get from where I was to home. The sky was clear. I had stopped at Blue Lake Road to have a cigarette. I stopped at the intersection, shut off the snowmobile, removed my helmet, and began to smoke. Just then a bright light appeared above me and shined down straight on me. At first I thought it was a helicopter looking for a possible snowmobile accident. I was not frightened at first. The light was bluish white, and just above the trees, but there was no wind or sound. I finished my cigarette put my helmet on, started up the snowmobile and proceeded down the snowmobile trail. The light stayed on me as I was moving. It did not vary any direction at all. I floored the sled, now realizing this was not a helicopter and I started to panic. I had the sled floored all the way back home, sliding around corners and intersections. the light stayed with me. Now terrified, I began to panic hysterically, wondering who this was, and why are they following me. I made it to Lower Kaubashine Road and proceeded to my house, which was a mile down the road. The light stayed with me all the way till I got next to Lower Kaubashine Lake. I headed across the frozen lake to save time and to avoid possibly hitting a tree because I was moving so fast. The light then veered off to the East as soon as I got on the lake. I proceeded to my house, opened the garage, put my sled away, and ran into the house. My girlfriend asked me what was wrong, because I was pale white, and had looked like I had seen a ghost. I explained what happened. She then asked me where I had been because it was now 3:30-3:45 am. I told her I left Minoqua at 2:15 am. I then realized I had 1 hour missing time. I cannot recall anything else. To this day, I still think about what happened, and it still scares me.

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