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Mar 22nd, 2018, 1:31pm

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wink EVERYBODY!! watch the Eastern sky!!!
« Thread started on: Dec 31st, 2003, 11:49pm »

rolleyes rolleyes Since Nov. 16th, I have been watching the star Sirius (mb spelled wrong, sorry) which is seen in the eastern then south eastern sky on any clear night. It is located at about 10:00, (as I'm not good at laditude and the likes) and is the brightest star in the sky. Well, on nov. 16 it really caught my eye when I noticed that this "star" appeared to have flashing lights on it or around it that were bluish white in color and I could see a red light flashing also. This was with my own eyes. As I watched this wierd flashing, all of a sudden I saw somthing moving. I thought it was the star moving, but now 2 months later and because of much more star gazing and the help of binoculars, I can tell you all that not only myself, but many others who have reported these strange "moving stars" to the nat'l ufo reporting site center, are seeing some sort of crafts with bluish white lights blinking left to right, a red light, and this object moves about in space with this star as it's home base (sort of speak). It looks like a germ under a microscope kinda, but the moving is completely visible with your naked eye. Could some of you please watch YOUR skies around your homes for this special "moving star" and report back here to all of us what you see. Hopefully someone will own a telescope and can watch with that. I'll be eagerly awaiting any discussion on this subject. And also, I'm statickitten and it's nice to meet ya all. Hope we can get some cool discussions going on this web site. ttfn statickitten
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