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M Night. Shyamalan
Post by Valandra17 on Jul 16th, 2004, 11:35am

Okay if you watch Scifi you will all know that there will be a 'biography' about the wonderful M Night. Shyamalan and his secret life on the 18th wich they are not saying untill we watch it. What do you think it is? I mean, Ive been seeing it alot and I dont understand what the HELL it could be and I dont get whats with the crows? Do any of you know?
Ive heard that some people believe its some scam to make Scifi more interesting or scarey, that its just llike the whoel Blair Witch crap and they made it up to attract everyone.I hate that when people say things that make you feel like its fake and they ruin the enjoyment. What do you think?
Re: M Night. Shyamalan
Post by TheOneRod on Sep 19th, 2004, 6:33pm

I didn't see it but I don't think it turned out to be much of anything. Nothing that came my way, anyhow. I did get a lot out of Signs, though. Once you realize that it isn't a blow-'em-up sci-fi flick and it's more subtle in approach.