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A strange digital picture Need psychic's help
Post by coach on Feb 12th, 2006, 01:03am


Is there anyone on here like a psychic/mediam that I can send a strange possible paranormal picture to that I had taken on 1/17/06? to see if we can figure out what it is.
I was taking a picture of my wife & one of our recently adopted dogs, I was viewing the screen on the camera after I took this picture & noticed a strange outline of something that blocked out my wife & most of our dog!
On the upper left side of the picture it is kind of a yellowish white color patch, & to the right side of the photo there is an outline of something that is blue,white & a small green patch.

The camera is a digital so there is no film to cause this to happen!
On Dec. 16th 2005 we had to put our dog down because of kidney failure! She was 9yrs. 9mo.

We had gotten another dog who's 9yrs. from a local animal shelter to fill in the gap for our missing companion. What we've noticed about our new dog, He would perk his ears & head up from time to time & look into the other room (kitchen) as if he were watching something. Then it seemed like he'd follow something invisible across the room with his head!
About a month later in late Jan. 2006 we adopted another dog from another shelter. She is 6 mo. old.
It seems a little bit odd, But she does the same thing from time to time & at times they will do the same thing together. There must be something there that we just can't see but they seem to be able to see something!

I do kind of feel a presence of something but am not sure what!

I'm baffled about it.

Well,.....Thank you for your time!


Re: A strange digital picture Need psychic's help
Post by Kaz on Mar 16th, 2006, 2:17pm

Hi Ken, i am friends with a medium, and i am learning how to use my psychic abilities that i have been told so many times by numerous mediums that i possess.

I am also a keen dog lover ( i have a GSD myself) and i totally believe that dogs can see spirit and sense spirit.

A friend of mine sees the spirit of her dog that passed, so do her children including one who was not born when this dog passed, but this child describes in detail what this dog looks like! Fascinating huh !