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Saddam and UFOs
Post by Noah on Dec 15th, 2003, 11:03am


Saddam and UFOs

The war in Iraq isn't about Iraqi freedom, eliminating weapons of mass destruction or even oil, say some UFO researchers. It's because Saddam possessed alien technology from a crashed UFO, and the U.S.
didn't want him to have it.

It's a wild accusation that has its roots, perhaps, in a 1998 article that appeared in Joseph Trainor's UFO Roundup: "On Thursday, December 16, 1998, at 2:31 a.m. local time, 'a triangle-shaped pattern of lights' appeared over downtown Baghdad and was picked up by CNN's night-vision video camera. The lights hovered in position and moved slowly to the right, as Iraqi anti-aircraft tracer fire streaked away into the night." It was described as "a V-shaped formation like the one at Phoenix," Arizona on March 13, 1997.

Some UFO followers believe that flying saucer crashed in Iraq. "Top American secret agents have been worried since then that Iraqi president Saddam would break it down to find out how to build his own spaceship and weapons, they claim," said a New Zealand web article.

Then a story surfaced that an American F-16 had shot down a UFO over Saudi Arabia sometime during the 1990-91 Operation Desert Storm. The convoluted, mixed-up story says that the downed alien craft was recovered by the U.S. military and flown to the U.S., but that no alien bodies were found. The connection to Saddam is that the UFO was allegedly heading toward Baghdad when it was shot down. This, supposedly, bolstered the rumor that Saddam played host to extraterrestrials.

An Arab reporter named Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat is quoted as saying, "There are talks about extraterrestrials in Iraq... It is rumored at a market in Sulaimaniya, to the south of Zarzi, that aliens are Saddam's guests."

And another reporter, Mohammed Hajj al-Amdar, said, "Saddam gave the aliens sanctuary, so that they couldn't be captured by Americans. They say that the aliens created 'watchdogs' for Saddam. The aliens took ordinary desert scorpions and used their bio-engineering to grow the scorpions to giant size. Scorpions of a cow-size! They are wonderful watchdogs: they blend in with the desert, swiftly and silently move on their warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack. Luckless intruders hear just some strange sound from behind stones, then a pincer crushes their necks, another pincer crushes their legs; then the victims is slammed to the ground and beaten with a barbed tail six or seven times. Death comes almost immediately."

Re: Saddam and UFOs
Post by taldwarf on Dec 16th, 2003, 11:43am

What IF....
It was not a saucer or a craft that was shot down, but the location, or the rough idea, that someone out in the ever changing sands had come across texts of the location of a ... to a Stargate, something close of sorts? rolleyes

How long after it was procured, would we find out, someone else had used it previously, recently, boldly, invitingly? Was it damaged? Could it be repaired? Where would it go? Had we received visitors that had come through it, had gone back and forth to and from....? Where?

....Ah, as always, will we be the last to know? shocked