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That Book WOW
Post by redseal on Aug 3rd, 2008, 11:37pm

I came across the book UFO Wisconsin and it lead me here. The UFO on the cover is the very same as the one my daughter and I saw near Owatonna Minnesota. The exact same. We were coming back from one of her hockey tournaments and saw a huge light in the sky just sitting there. I was teasing her saying maybe it's a UFO. We had seen a helicopter about 20 miles back and I figured this was one too. We took and exit and this craft flew right over the car just a little higher than the trees off to our left. It was moving very slowly. I got a good look at it and said to my daughter "that is no helicopter" we slowed down to 20 mph as did another car and watched this thing. My daughter was very nervous and kept saying "what is that"? I drove off after watching it for a minute or so. She kept watching it until she could no longer
see it. I saw her cell phone/camera and realized I'd missed a golden opportunity. She wanted to go back and get a picture but I said no let's just go home.