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moving "stars" with red blinking light
Post by statickitten on Feb 2nd, 2004, 6:26pm

rolleyes Since Nov. 16, 2003, I observed what I can describe to you as a very large object,( in the Eastern & Southeastern sky, right around the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky)
flash different color lights, send out beams of light into the night sky (like a lighthouse does into the fog), actually fly or hoover around a general area and then return to its origional spot, and I've also seen smaller lights (crafts??) comming out of the main object. Of course, I know "stars" don't move!! But these objects appear to be stars until you really take a few minutes to watch them, and then they start doing all kinds or strange things. I know I saw somthing up there..........
Did ANYONE see anything like this out there in Wisconsinufo-landhuh?
Thanks for responding TTFN statickitten shocked